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Mutant Bassdrum - Tone Control
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Author Mutant Bassdrum - Tone Control
Hi - does anyone have a circuit for the Mutant Bassdrum? I emailed for a copy but have nothing back as yet. I need to work through the Tone circuit as i'm not getting too much action - some as i approach extreme CW but this then tends to distort. Moving CCW from there only really seems to reduce the level of the output it seems. The output of the whole module seems low in fact. Any suggestions welcome and a circuit would be great. Its a DIY build BTW.


Hi Matt!

The circuits aren't public domain for the Mutant Drums (or any eurorack DIY projects we make now). To keep a long story short, we had some mishaps with some abuse of them so we've revoked that privilege for current and future eurorack DIY projects.

So if someone shares it publicly here in this thread, that's breaching the agreement I had with them when I sent it to them. If they want to private message or email it to you though, that's fine nanners

However, I have your email sitting in my "to be replied to" folder and will get to it soon This is fun! screaming goo yo
Hi and thanks for the email response. I totally understand the position with regard to the circuits - I'm sure I'd probably do the same if it was my livelihood. Hopefully I can now sort my BD issue!!

Thanks again

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