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Frac modules with positive gain
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Author Frac modules with positive gain
Mood Organ
For the damaged feedback junkies out there (and in here), it might be interesting to have a list of all Frac modules that have positive gain...

Off the top of my head, there's the Blacet I/O and the FoH Plague Bearer

Delays are sorta grey area, but there's just the Time Machine and the BugBrand PTDelay (and upcoming FoH SoS barebones) if I"m not mistaken
Klangwerk has gain for days & my all time fav. Channel D. on the QuadMix VCA.

One of the "side effects" of converting my Dual Lineaar VCAs to Banana was that I now have 2 switches to replace the normalled jacks. I can set these to replicate the Split or Mix functions as per normal, but, they can also be set to "Split & Mix" with the same CV controlling top & bottom you have a VCA with gain, even better when using two EGs you can get really cool stuff going.
Fire EG A OR B for a volume swell, fire A AND B for gain! I need to try that some more in a feedback patch.
MOTM 1190 Dual VCA has a gain of approximately x2

Frequency Divider. One can use ÷ 1 but the sound is obviously different.

Metalbox/CGS Tube VCA has a touch of gain on tap when cranked.
On the 2790 Mixer, you can change one resistor in the feedback loop of channels A and C to get some gain. Looks like 100Ks are stock; put in 499K for 5X gain, etc.
Mood Organ

Thanks for the responses, educational
the blacet window comparator can also be used to turn any signal into 0-10V pulses, this includes wimpy guitar voltages!

it has some other uses for us "feedback junkies" too
since everything that goes in comes out as 0-10V pulse you can place it after a floop and everything is a stable level without any volume spikes (bubrand uses a comparator on his weevils so the volume of the "starved" settings is equal to the volume of the unstarved settings)
Mood Organ
gde, you just blew my mind. I never thought of that. Rock on SlayerBadger!
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