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nw2s::b digital outs behavior
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Author nw2s::b digital outs behavior
Is there a way to prevent all the digital outs from going high when powering up or hitting reset?
Unfortunately, it's just the way the Cortex works when it gets a hard reset.

If the problem is that you're getting lots of triggers fired when you reset to load, then an alternative would be a soft reset rather than a hard reset. If you could spare a digital input, then one of them could be used as a soft reset... or some other programmatic condition.

Are you using the framework or homegrown sketches?

Oh ok. I hadn't thought of making a custom reset and it seems like it might work well enough. The problem is while the reset button it pressed, everything goes high and receiving modules react in undesirable ways. I haven't tried the framework method, just standard Arduino scripting. Thanks for the advice!
Consensus seems to be the best way to reboot is to set a short watchdog timer and let it expire.

Most of the examples out there are for AVR, not ARM, so if you need some help, lemme know and I can probably write something boilerplate for you.

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