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Body of work
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Author Body of work
Let us pile it all up into 1 single thread.
This will be added onto eventually with more detailed explanations and history.
Everything I have done.

6550-99 Alien oscillator. Masterpiece.
5823 Noise Generator obscure noise generating artifact.

A Agonizer. Only clone I will ever/did do. If you don't know why then you don't need to know.
B Berserker. Secret weapon. not fun to build.
C ********** (Incubating)
D Destructor Beam.
E Erebus Orifice.
F To be determined.
G ****** ****** (Incubating)
H Haxor.
I To be determined
J To be determined
K To be determined
L To be determined
M To be determined
N To be determined
O To be determined
P ******(incubating)
Q To be determined
R To be determined
S ******* ** (incubating)
T To be determined
U to be determined
V Vactrol Controlled Amplifryer. Vactrol Controlled Amplifryer II.
W To be determined
X to be determined
Y To be determined
Z A few:
ZIMM01 Vactrol controlled tube amplifying module.
ZIMM02 Vactrol controlled tube sound sculpting module/resonator.
ZIMM03 Dual controlled pentode audio signal mixing processor with vactrol CV.
ZIMM04 Vactrol controlled feedback tube distortion audio processor.
ZIMM06 Dual conrolled pentode audio signal mixing processor.

More information later
looks pretty good so far!!

thumbs up
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