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using ::b for no input
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Author using ::b for no input
has anybody tried no input mixing with an nw2sb? is it possible without frying some circuitry?

i'm uncertain but curious about whether this is possible
Interesting question...

Regarding frying the circuitry... while it's not impossible (don't plug it into your mains!), the inputs are over and under voltage protected.

The only issue is that unlike a mixer's "no input mixing" process, where the circuit is 100% analog, the 'b is 100% digital from in to out, so you'll have to write some code that reads/writes.

Most of the code I've written samples the inputs at rates in the millisecond range as input parameters. If you want to sample an audio rate signal, then it'll take a bit more work. Someone has posted a couple of samples here I believe... using a timer to get up to 1Ms/sec depending on what else you're doing to the signal.

thanks for the info

i'll read up more and might make this a side project
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