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Calling all Plan B Model 10 Owners- Help please
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Author Calling all Plan B Model 10 Owners- Help please
hi peeps,

i am trying to determine is my M10 Poly Env is working correctly, I have emailed PG about this and he assures me (via a long confusing email) that mine is working ok, but i just need to hear it from other owners. Here is the problem:

the primary envelope works fine but the "attack,attack" envelope seems to work fine until the end of its first cycle where it doesn't drop down to 0 again, it stays stuck on the highest level- now the thing that makes me more suspicious is the two gate/trigger outs the EOC & EOA both have the same issue, staying at highest voltage. They send out nothing (0 volts) when I first turn the module on, but as soon as I trigger it they all send out max voltage and continue to with out dropping back to 0. the EOC trigger output puts out a continuous voltage but momentarily stops when the envelope is triggered. i have been testing this with the CV ins on the Model 13 and when using the "attack, attack" env the gate of the M13 stays open continuously. I have also tested it with a few other modules (eg on filter cutoff/resonance, VCO CV in, etc) and the behaviour is the same.

Now the env diagram on the EAR/PlanB site looks like this:
but this is how mine seems to work:

and here is PG's explanation:
The Rise Only output is acting fine. It does stay high when it's not active - remember, the second half is an positively offset inversion of the decay function. So low becomes high at the end. Ditto for the EOA and EOC outs. They are gates, not triggers - when the Rise is active, the EOA signal is low. At all other times it's high and it goes high at the end of the attack (EOA) phase. When the Envelope is active, any stage of it (Rise or Fall), the EOC signal is low. When it's not active, the EOA is high and does this at the very end of the cycle.

can any of you either confirm or deny this? from the Plan B site i bought this hoping i could control (for example) one VCA with the AD env and a second VCA with the Attack Attack env, but with the AA env staying high all the time and only dropping to 0 at the start of the 1st attack phase this won't work...


I can definitely confirm the ramp EG out (that's the "attack, attack" right?) behavior. Mine does that too, and was annoying at first, but I quickly got used to it. I'm almost positive the EOC / EOA gates work that way too. Another thing, about the EOC out, it does not do anything when the M10 is in LFO mode. That's the one thing that I really wish was different. I think it *does* work when cycle is engaged via the Cycle gate input.

I'm pretty sure the M10 mkII is no different in any of these aspects either, it simply has the ability to retrigger mid-phase. Personally, I really like that mine does not retrigger.
The EOA thing must be a mis-explanation on behalf of PG.

EOA output is ALWAYS high, *unless* the EG is in the attack phase. I guess there's a "mechanical" explanation why it's low when you power up the unit: It's the only time where you're NOT at the end of the attack phase - before it's triggered

The first graphic aren't helping a lot in that part though :-? but I don't see it as buggy behaviour, just a quirk, really.

Reg the ramp out... well that makes sense in my head, too - BUT his graphics show it dropping back down when it hits EOC, which is contradictory to what he's saying in your quote.
hey felix & wetterberg,

thanks guys! so everything is normal and yeah the original diagram doesn't make sense thats why i thought mine was faulty, phew!

i think if i had another envelope or a trigger/gate receiver then i would have been able to test further,

felix- tell me more about why you like the MK1 vs the MK2 with retrigger? I'm asking cause i know they sell a DIY kit to upgrade and i was contemplating it...

thanx thanx again!
I can check mine when I get home this afternoon, but I'm pretty sure the retrigger only works with the retrigger jack, not the main gate input jack. So you can choose to have it retrigger or not.

Need to double check though.
spbaker wrote:
felix- tell me more about why you like the MK1 vs the MK2 with retrigger? I'm asking cause i know they sell a DIY kit to upgrade and i was contemplating it...

I really like it because it can lead to very natural and 'musical' sounding rhythms. For example, using the M28 tap clock's triple output to trigger the M10 with an EG time that is longer than a single triplet. This means that the EG doesn't fire on *every* triplet, so you get this interesting patter where some triplets fire off the EG and some don't.

Of course, that's just one example, doesn't have to be triplets, could be clock/trigger source that's faster than the length of the EG. Add in CV of the time base, and it gets *really* interesting.

The DIY kit, does it allow for both retrigger *and* non-retriggering? I wouldn't mind having the ability to have it retrigger, but I would for sure want to still be able have it not retrigger.
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