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Springtime for bugs?
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Author Springtime for bugs?
BugBrand wrote:
moog55 wrote:
dammmmmmmit. i've wanted one for ages and somehow always manage to miss out.

There are still 3 online...?!?!

But I sent you an email anyways as you'd asked before.

Very strange, Tom. When I saw the previous post, I went to the online shop and it showed 0 in stock/Sold out hence my post.

Either way, we've already exchanged emails and have it sorted. I can't wait to receive it. SlayerBadger! screaming goo yo w00t Guinness ftw!
Managed to snag one of these from another Muffs user in the US a week or so ago, just arrived on my desk! WOOP. It's gonna get sproi-oi-oingy from here on out! Think it'll pair with the chirper nicely.
Indeed, it is fantastic. Get 2 for stereo! wink
otoskope wrote:
Indeed, it is fantastic. Get 2 for stereo! wink

I will be looking to do that for the future for sure. But for now I'll have to get stereo fx with signal duplication and separate shaping. My old Boss RX-100 used to have a 'stereo' switch, but it just inverted the phase of one signal. Using a similar approach along side some filter/EQ should make things interesting!
smile Yes, even just different (fixed) EQ on two cloned LR channels can create both breadth and movement.
It's torture having this thing sitting on my desk at work waiting for the day to end! very frustrating
Haha, I was in the same situation yesterday, when a frame with Chirper+goodies arrived at work. Except I'm expected to work with noisy things, so I happily started making lots of weird noises, and my collegues just thought it was another typical day in the office. ("Oh, that crazy guy is on it again...time for headphones...")
Haha! Sound designer?

The spring tanker is some serious piece of kit!

Got everything to start work on my track for the comp now (unless anyone has a ctl1 to sell me hihi )
No, electronic music researcher smile

Nice video! You got plenty in that setup, quite enough for many moons of joy.
Well that sounds like a dream job!

2 more

The feedback control is awesome!
Hey boingers, clue me in. Have any of you found the exposed spring tank to be useful for more than making a big crash (not that there’s anything wrong with that)? I’m just wondering if there is an artful usage I’m ignorant of. I’ve fooled around a bit with springs but physical contact really overloads the transducers. I’m thinking clever feedback networks would be more productive.
It's peanut butter jelly time!
It's hard to play it in a meaningful way, but I'm glad it is open, because you can affect the resonance characteristics by inserting objects (pieces of paper, felt, etc.) in the springs or between them. I've done that to achieve a shorter decay time a few times, for example.
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