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Passive Ring Modulator & Craig Anderton RM Questions
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Author Passive Ring Modulator & Craig Anderton RM Questions

I have a couple questions regarding a passive ring modulator and a Craig Anderton Electronic Projects for Musicians Ring modulator.

1) I built the Passive RM (PRM) 13 years ago from a kit and can't find any notes on the specifics to the components, but it has (8) 1N34A Germanium diodes and 2 mini transformers (Mouser value unknown). My question: Can this PRM be inter patched with my Paia 9700 or any Frac Rack style modules (+/-15v to +/-18v) without any CV damage to the PRM circuit? In the past I've only put audio output signals through it-nothing with Volts---I'm new to the modular world, so hope this isn't a common sense thing I've overlooked... cool

2) I built the Ring Modulator (RMCA) from Craig Anderton's book Electronic Projects for Musicians around the same time as the passive RM and dusted it off recently. I noticed the 4 pin connector spot on the pcb... a question came to mind: could this RMCA be turned into a module to work with a Frac Rack system? Just wondered if this would be possible with an adapter power cable....

Any insight will be greatly appreciated-if these can be stuffed into my "in- progress" system [(+/15V) with 800mA Blacet PS] that would be AWESOME!!!!

That's it for the least for tonight!!!
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