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plan b leveler
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Author plan b leveler
ok- i was kinda thinking about picking up a leveler. my moddemod has such a low output compared to everything else; if my thinking is correct i can use this to boost the level of the output. correct me if i'm wrong. also, i have read the following statement several times and it makes no sense to me, but i am a novice... can someone explain in idiot terms?

"With no input present, each channel of the dual-function M36 is normalled to a variable (0 to 8 volt) fixed DC reference voltage which can be used to set a VCA offset, or a fixed pan location, or any number of applications where a variable reference is required."
The Leveler will not do what you want. It will only make your output quieter. What the part you mentioned does is imitate the Doepfer A-176. It sends out CV by itself when there's no input. I wished it was an Amplifer as well as a Attenuater but that wouldn't have fit in that 4hp face. You can raise levels with an A-133, A-138c, A-119 and maybe with some VCA's, I don't know which.
I don't want to start an own thread at DIY section for this unless it looks necessary... But I have a (simple / stupid) question related to this.

When making passive attenuators for modular system audio / CV levels, what value pots do people generally use? 10k? 100k? I was thinking of putting together a little 4HP or 8HP panel with some passive attenuators and 1/4" plug converters.
from what I've heard and seen, anywhere between 10k and 100k should be good.

If you're making a small unit, make sure to bring in +12v too, that way you can have manual cv when nothing is connected to the inputs.
Ah yeah crap, how stupid can one be - I was actually thinking of how the Leveler's DC output part works... Of course it's just +12 connected to a switch (switching jack) that goes through the attenuator. very frustrating

Thanks a lot for the tip, wetterberg!
no problem, even better: Connect -12 volt to the left leg, +12 volt to the right leg and then tap the center leg for bipolar voltages.
Yeah, that one I figured out myself *feels smart* lol
lol Clap hehe

You should start an "attenuator thread" in the diy section.
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