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Phase Distortion Synthesis
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Author Phase Distortion Synthesis
Anyone actually use any of the old CZ line Casios? I've looked around abit online and wikipedia, and youtube etc, can't really find any programming "tips". seriously, i just don't get it

Can anyone here offer any?

thanks in advance!

i'll move this to general gear - you'll probably get more replies there.

Pretty difficult to give a summed up tip on how to program a synthesizer but the CZ range makes nice precusive and bass sounds.
these URLs might help abit to get you started
Thanks for the info there were a few links there that i didn't find before. thumbs up
Kendall Station
I'v played with the CZ-101 a good like it a lot esp. for $50. you can find the manual online, I've seemed to have lost it but that helps. If anything I'd get yourself one of the PC editors out there.

Also sounds great through an external filter if you've got one....
computer controlled
Ive had a few CZ-101s. Not that difficult to program once you figure it out. Nice percussive and bass sounds, as already stated. It can also get disgusting sounding as well.
computer controlled wrote:
It can also get disgusting sounding as well.

that's exactly what I want Mr. Green

I dug up the manual, and the "progmming guide" and one other with a few patches to get reproductions of normal instruments. Starting to understand how the 8 stage envelopes work a little better.

Every value is essentially the height or length of the Wave forms, instead of having say a standard Saw, i would have Saw/Square combo and edit that. At least that's as far as I gotten.

Still kinda new to really digging into synthesis, but having a blast overall. It's good to be finally back in the headspace I was when I first started dabbling with electronic instruments.
Rod Serling Fan Club
The casio CZ synths are actually pretty intuitive. They are similar to analog subtractive with a few unique differences. I'd say that their ease of programability is one of their strengths. Get one, play with it, you'll get it.
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