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Mutant Bass Drum not working at all
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Author Mutant Bass Drum not working at all
I just finished building my Mutant Bass Drum, plug it in and nothing happens. Tried a different power cable and still no go.. I rechecked all my resistors and verified everything is in correct. I also went back over all my solder joints.

I can't seem to find any info on test points where I can check for appropriate voltages when plugged in. Maybe the voltage regulator is bad?

Ive built several other diy modules as well as the 2 other Mutants with no issues. Any advice would be great, Im a bit stumped.

Dude, did you solve it? I'm having the same issue, with the exception that dist side works fine
same here
What version PCBs? Didn't have any trouble with mine.
Hey sorry guys, I didn't get back for months on this one. Life got crazy busy and I haven't touched it since I made the post. I about to pick it back up mess around. Did either of you guys get yours up and working?
also boards are v1.05
so newest ones.
Same here, only dist side is working.
Any luck?
same problem here with 1.05 pcb ...

the distortion side is working.
trigging is not working at all.
when the trimpot screw of the decay is at max, the module oscillate and the green led is blinking.
when shunting the trig jack with one of the leg of the TL072, the trig is working twice (double trig : rising edge and falling edge ?)
No electronics expert here, but I had the same problem... until I realized I hadn't set the Accent jumper on the PCB.
The module doesn't work without it...could this be your issue?
Just finished building my Mutant Bass Drum last night and I'm having the exact same problem! Distortion side appears to be working fine but I can't seem to get the bass drum to trigger. Accent jumper is attached. Did anyone figure out the issue?
It turns out I had a bunk voltage regulator. After replacing the 7805, the module is alive and thumping SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!

Hope this info is helpful to others!
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