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Dag Nasty Spring Break Electro
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Author Dag Nasty Spring Break Electro
I have about 4K of modules sitting at my house, and another 2k "in the mail" but no PSUs, no rails... no nothin'. I really wanted to enter the Artist Challenge, but because of lengthy but not unreasonable wait times (and my all-too-recent decision to go modular) I couldn't do it with bonafide modular gear. But I made a bit of electro just for the hell of it with some new gear that will be playing along with my modular stuff... eventually.

"Breakdancing Transformer" on Soundcloud

It's 95% Jomox 888 + a Nord Modular G2 (purchased here at the forum, from the illustrious Steven Clements) + FutureRetro XS + RE-202 Space Echo. All recent acquisitions... the first time they've really played together. Enjoy! Feedback welcome! Guinness ftw!
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