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drone (digital) and video +
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Author drone (digital) and video +
make them kink
I liked that one. I listened to it a couple of times, actually. Are you going to give some information as to how you did this piece? I'd love to hear it.
Sure, here is the long and short of it.

the short: I played a micron and recorded with a computer, one pass.

the long: Th main drone is made up of two parts, part one is one sine wave modulating another at 3:1 ratio (linear fm). Various slow subtle modulations of panning, waveshape, fm amount. And a touch of distortion. Played in unison with the least amount of detune I could dial in. Part two is just like part one except there is a third sine used to fm the second sine at a 5:1 ratio. This part was played, I think, a 5th below the first. The screaming distant cat sound is 3 square waves (3 and 2 soft synced to 1) fm'd the same ratios as part 2 (3:1 and 5:1 again linear) with lots of delay. The soft sync is key for this sound... The slow pulsing bass tone is a LP filtered saw+square (no fm) with a free running adsr amp envelope to generate the slow pulse.

Thanks for commenting.
same instrument, different sounds:
These sound great, I love the sound of the Ion/Micron. Sometimes I think about trying to trade my Fusion for one since just about all I ever use on it are the VA sounds.

Are all your videos micron based?

Yeah all the sounds on the videos are made with the micron. I've got a 1U euro setup in mind to use along with it. I just scored what will be, I think, the perfect case to house the 6 or 7 modules that I want.

but yeah get a micron, they're fun.
wait I forgot about the old videos on there. The very first one, I used pspseq (a step sequencer + synth for psp) and the next three I used LGPT (a sample based tracker for psp). From then on it is all micron.
Is the video automated (Jitter or something) or manually created?

Do you create the videos and then the music, or the music and then the videos.

Really nice work.
I shoot the video with a psp camera (except when I use old educational films) then edit with Imovie. I do the music before the video. Glad you liked. If there is a specific video trick you want to know about let me know, but they are all pretty basic.
essex sound lab
Really nice stuff. I could listen to this all day.
essex sound lab wrote:
Really nice stuff. I could listen to this all day.

SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! Pretty great stuff and the other tracks too. One pass on a $400 Analog modeling synth. Very nice tracks.
What I like about these is that in addition to being good music, they are also good examples of not needing a huge amount of expensive gear to make great music.
bar|none wrote:
SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!

If you have the means to get expensive gear...more power to you. If not then use what you got...

I plan on getting some nice stuff this year.
Oh my, you are 11Hz Robot !!!!

I'm a big fan, i'm amazed by your work with the Micron, really, it's fantastic.

My favorite track :

So sad and romantic, and the video is perfect. When will you release it as a download ?

By the way, it would be cool to see you working with your Micron on a video, just to explain your production flow, your Micron tips etc...

Once again : thumbs up
The credits and links for that educational film are on the vimeo page, obviously I didn't shoot that with a psp camera. I edited the video to make it shorter. The song for it was done using LGPT on a psp.
I'll put that song up tonight, I keep forgetting. d'oh!
here is the download:

Thanks a lot !
No problem.

here is something that got cooked up over the weekend. I finally got a good take of it today.

Leti's High
. seriously, i just don't get it
Great tracks, ehr.

IMO 'make them kink' and 'dirakto' are top notch we're not worthy

I've got a micron myself, like it a lot, but haven't been digging too deep in it unfortunately. Been focusing on the modular for a long time - maybe it's time to lift that little dust cover...

yeah, why not give it another spin. Its got all kinds of fun things to mess with; modulation matrix, tracking generator, sequencer, fm....but definitely memorize all the shortcuts or just use a patch editor on a computer.
Great work, ehr. I've been listening to "Video Sounds 2009" recently and enjoying it very much. Was that all done with the Micron as well?
Beautiful music! This really inspires me to fire up the old Ion, which probably hasn't been touched in at least a couple of years. oops
clarke68 wrote:
Great work, ehr. I've been listening to "Video Sounds 2009" recently and enjoying it very much. Was that all done with the Micron as well?

Yes it was. Good to hear your enjoying it.

deastman, thanks.

I'll have a new set up on bandcamp soon, basically the last 4 or 5 soundcloud tracks with a couple of them shortened. I'll post here when it is done.
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