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Jack-banana adapters for blue+red Bugs
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Author Jack-banana adapters for blue+red Bugs
Since I've accumulated a bunch of red (or orange!) Bugs, and have a blue Bugbrand modular, I needed a way to interconnect the two. I'm not going into the old debate about why the Bugmeister put jacks on ins and outs... Just accepting the hard facts of life.
So I made a bunch of jack-banana adapters, and it turned out to be both simple and cheap. I know somebody offered such diy adapters somewhere on Muffs about a year ago or so, but I never got around buying any.

Here's how to make them:

I used this kind of cheap 6.3mm jacks (actually I had two similar brands, but the process was quite similar):

Then I cut off the rear end and used a reamer to make the hole the right size for my banana jack's outer plastic part. I used the same banana jacks as Tom uses in the bugs. I also cut the sleeve connector on the 6.3mm jack. Here are all the parts of one adapter, in the sequence they are mounted:

One tricky part is to twist the cable counterclockwise before screwing the metal part of the 6.3mm jack into the plastic part, to avoid twisting apart the solder joints. I actually twisted it as the second-to-last step, but I show it twisted in the above pic as an illustration of how it looks inside.

Another tricky thing is to fasten the nut when it is deep inside the plastic part of the jack. I put a small screwdriver between the rim and the nut to block its rotation and twisted the red outermost part of the banana jack to tighten it.

I made 12. The whole process took a couple of hours. Here they are, finished, in all their glory:

Remains to see if I encounter any line-to-modular level problems when patching. We'll see.
Also - using these adapters rely on proper co-grounding, since the ground part of the jacks are not connected. For me, they are grounded through the power supplies - my red bugs are in modular frames. If you have standalones, you need to connect the grounds, of course.

Not exactly rocket science, but it may be useful to somebody.

Nice work Palle,

I'd be interested how the levels between the connections work.

Keep us posted.

Some quick tests show that there are some small differences, but it is certainly workable. No problem bringing jack signals into the banana mixers together with plain blue oscillators - only a small difference in gain is needed to make them equal. Also, most of the inputs on the reds have a drive knob, so they can be adjusted. PEQ take modular signals in it seems. I could FM a blue oscillator from the reverb output - but needed to crank up the FM amount to max. Etc... things can be done!
Thanks Palle, I think I'll make some up myself.

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