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Smokey Quartz Videos - Polygamist/Wretch/Tocante/ect...
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Author Smokey Quartz Videos - Polygamist/Wretch/Tocante/ect...
Thought I'd start a thread here to post my synth videos instead of clogging existing threads…

I bought a GoPro camera and have been recording improvisations using just one or two synths with no effects and very minimal processing. Just trying to lose myself in the sounds and create my own Elemental Music.

Here are some new ones:

"In this video, the Tocante Phashi is plugged into the Ekdahl Polygamist and I record their first encounter. Awkward meeting or love at first sight? Also, the infamous Girl Party ladies take a face painted bath. We had too much fun making this video, if such a thing even exists." nsfw?

"In this Tocante Phashi Love video I sit on a mossy rock in front of an old California Oak while the morning birds sing along and a dog occasionally barks."

Smokey Quartz YouTube Channel

"A sunset love drone between the Tocante Phashi and Ekdahl Polygamist."

"So you take 2 Knas Ekdahl Polygamist oscillators (7 if you include the audio rate LFOs, ADSR, and self-oscillating filter, 10 if you include the sub-pitches of VCO2) detune them and add a Tocante Phashi… then what????"

"In this video the Ekdahl Polygamist makes love to the Tocante Phashi. Or is it the other way around? Either way, it is consensual but not very "sensual" in the ordinary sense. Stick around as towards the end I start making out with Phashi to make Poly jealous… don't worry, I don't lick it.. hot breaths only!"
Retitled the thread AND had more Phashi fun yesterday.

"In this Tocante Phashi Love video, I play a mournful Phashi above a creek while sitting on a rotting tree."

"Sitting by the creek, playing the Phashi."

My wife and I rented a cabin in the woods for our anniversary. I brought along the Phashi and tried plugging the HiWatt Echo-Theremin into the Phashi input, turning it into an little amp for the theremin. We tried to match tones and created this noisey, shrill, spacey jam. The jam was a bit long so I cut the video with timelapse footage of my wife applying facepaint.

Recorded the same night as the above video... here is ceiling fan noise! Yes, just 16+ minutes of an old bathroom ceiling fan. I noticed all the subtle drones and polyrhythmic rattles this thing was giving off and decided to record it. The Youtube quality sucks a bit of the frequencies out but I still like this.
A couple more from our fall experiments. Finally hooking the Polygamist up to the Wretch. The Polygamist is a boss and likes to control the show.

On halloween we had some fun with oil projections...

My camera broke but I got a new one!

New Polygamist/Wretch video with squirrels!

Some new viddys to zone out with...

Dead Banana
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