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West Oakland Music Systems: Skipmin
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Author West Oakland Music Systems: Skipmin
Hello fellow Wigglers,

We are West Oakland Music Systems, a new manufacturer based out of — you guessed it — West Oakland, California. We are super excited to announce the release of our first module, Skipmin.

Skipmin is a quad, probabilistic gate skipper. The four inputs accept gates or triggers as input (also fun with other signals) and pass them through to the corresponding output based on a probability factor from 0–100%. The higher the percentage, the more likely incoming gates will pass through to the output — the lower the percentage, the less likely they will pass through.

Here's a basic example of it in action with a single, steady clock being fed into it:

These are available now from I/O Music Technology or by emailing This first run is extremely limited, but we plan to do a larger build if there is enough interest.

We <3 you,

-West Oakland Music Systems
Hey, I like it! It's kind of like a MI Branches without the CV of probability, BUT with Mute buttons and 4 independent channels... I think I could use this in my setup in the near future.. good job!
Take four VCOs and tune them as a four note chord, trigger the EG running 4 VCAs to get chordal drones.

Tune four sequencers doing notes of the same chord an clock them with this modules.

Lots of possibilities. The second module in the family (or a second version of this one) should be a quad lag processor so they can make 4 ASR envelopes from them directly. It would be nice to have to built into the module.

Cool stuff.
Wow, that is a great design!
I think I need one Dead Banana

- Tim
Just bought mine!
Cool! thumbs up
Thanks for all of the positive feedback everyone! We're really psyched to get this out there into the world — even better that people find it at least somewhat interesting.

@ersatzplanet – we do have a number of plans for various quad modules that would pair nicely with Skipmin. wink

We're hard at work on getting the second module design down right now. I think people will like it. We just wanted to go with something simple and straight ahead for our first one.

And for those who love MAXIMUM BLINKENLIGHTS, here's what it looks like when you plug twelve Skipmin modules together in a row:

If only we had enough modules to trigger 48 discrete sounds with those...
very cool and immediate. easy to grasp and come up with ideas for.. nice job!
Ras Thavas
Question, how does it respond when the input isn't a single, steady clock, but a varying pattern? Can I reliably use Skipmin to control density/probability on triggers from a trigger sequencer like Circadian Rhythms?

I'd imagine so, but it's better not to assume...
Right up my ally. Can we get a not-so-artistically lit picture of the module?

That 12 module video is great - like some sort of super crit in a video game, or rolling doubles in Parcheesi.
@ras thavas – Skipmin works great with any sort of gate/trigger patterns! Doesn't matter if it's a steady clock or totally irregular. Basically each time a low-to-high transition is detected it triggers a probability test (chances set by the knobs). If it passes the test, it goes out the output. If it fails the test, it is ignored.

I really like taking my Wogglebug's burst output and using it to trigger a sound, then multing that burst output into Skipmin and using the result to occasionally add a little something extra (change the filter, add an accent, layer a second sound, etc.). Super fun!

Also worth noting, the output gate/trigger will mirror the length of the input gate/trigger.

Here are some pics:
Very cool, I really dig the light up knobs! If at all possible I would love to see a CV expander for it so that we can get CV control over the probability knobs.
This + QCD Drunken Homer Simpson
wow this is exactly what ive been looking for, even better its from my same hood smile
Also planning on placing an order soon if stock doesn't run out before I have some spending money... Looks cool.
i don't see them listed at I/O or even "West Oakland" under brands?
direct link?

[EDIT: a search found it... never mind]

looks great!!
Hmm, not sure why we don't seem to be popping up for some people on the I/O site. Here's a direct link to Skipmin if you happen to be looking:

@Flohr – If you couldn't tell from the demo video, that is my absolute favorite combo at the moment (though, you can only see the QCD LEDs in the video). It is definitely Drunken Homer Simpson for me. Instant IDM generator. Modulating the QCD divisions/multiplications via CV then going into each Skipmin channel... Drunken Homer SimpsonDrunken Homer SimpsonDrunken Homer Simpson
This + a Pam's Workout would be amazing.
Good stuff!
Sold out. D'oh.
When will we see "Crisp Brown"? Mr. Green
looks cool
sloth713 wrote:
Very cool, I really dig the light up knobs! If at all possible I would love to see a CV expander for it so that we can get CV control over the probability knobs.

I ordered one last night. I agree that a CV control expander would be great. I wonder if it's set up for one?
Looks super fun, knobs are interesting for sure. Will all of the West Oakland stuff have this aesthetic?

Seriously considering something like this. Would be fun with Mutants and a BI or two.
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