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Mutable Instruments Yarns Editor
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Author Mutable Instruments Yarns Editor
I wrote a software editor for Mutable Instruments' Yarns. It makes editing Yarns a snap!

* Open source! Free!
* Yarns is deep, and editing complex layouts via the encoder can be cumbersome.
* Randomize anything! Generate complex arpeggios and Euclidean patterns with the click of a button! This is FUN.
* Prolong your encoder lifespan! Combined, there are over 1,000 potential values for EACH part, and Yarns has up to four parts! That's a lot of clicking and dialing!

Check out the screenshots:

MIDI device selection page:

Layout settings page:

Part settings page:

Download the Windows release here (I'm working on Mac/Linux versions currently):

Or the source code here:

Disclaimer: I am not endorsed by Mutable Instruments. I'm just a guy, you know? This is a project I worked on because it was useful to me, and hopefully others as well. This release is beta. I'm sure there will be bugs that I have missed. I encourage any suggestions for improvements to the software, and I'll do my best to offer support via PM. Let me know what you think!
Holy crap, you are a saint. This looks really well done, and now I HAVE to get a Yarns. The menu diving was really the only thing holding me back. Thank you for sharing!!
Oh man! Yeah, I will definitely be using my Yarns more once you finish up the Mac version. Sub'ing to this thread for future updates.
Nice hope to download the mac os version
Haha, thanks! Yarns is a fantastic interface, with a ton of functionality under the hood. I totally understand the beef with menu diving, and that was a large motivator for me to write the editor. Especially when editing some of the complex 4-part layouts that Yarns is capable of!

The Mac and Linux versions use the same Python source code, so it's just a matter of fixing some bugs at this point. Hopefully I'll have them available soon! smile
Downloading now, thanks for your work!
Brilliant , I'm gonna download this!

Thanks very much for making and sharing it! smile))
Awesome. Can't wait for the Mac version.
Excellent work!
Definitely looking forward to a mac version. Nice work!
Nice. Maybe I should get a yarns hyper
Awesome... nice work!!!

+1 for a Mac version smile nanners
Paranormal Patroler
Extremely useful! Thanks.
This looks ace! How is it connected to Yarns? Via MIDI?
you rule. if you ever want a discount on a case or power it's yours.

(also looking forward to the mac version)
wicked! Thanks!
mharpum wrote:
This looks ace! How is it connected to Yarns? Via MIDI?

Yep, it connects to Yarns via MIDI, and works by sending CC messages on the "remote control" MIDI channel (the RC option on Yarns' main menu.)
That's massive. Good stuff!
Well played, might flog the A-190-4 for a Yarns now.
I was thinking the other day, wonder when someone will make a new yarns firmware, then you go about 12 better and do this goob job sir really good.
I won't be able to try this until the Mac version, but curious, is it possible to make sequences in an app like this as well? It'd be cool to be able to write phrases in midi and drop them into the sequencer channels.
Thank you, a very good idea! thumbs up
Another good reason to get a Yarns
Yeah, great program, thanks!

thumbs up
Fantastic! Looking forward to giving this a try over the weekend. Thanks for the effort!
Yarns Editor v0.9 now finished!

New Features:
* Runs on Mac OS X (Yosemite), Windows, AND Linux!
* MIDI backend changed to rtmidi-python
* Lots of minor improvements and bugfixes

Download it here:

Do let me know if you notice any bugs! I'm sure there will be some... confused
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