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To all the sleazy 5U users out there, know this...
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Author To all the sleazy 5U users out there, know this...
I have standards.

What's that saying ... "the best thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from"
Gratz!! Was going to buy the one on Ebay but was not fast enough meh
Ugh, this is not helping me save my wallet from the impending doom of 5U...
hihi hihi hihi

That Yusynth is actually very nice to look at and much nicer than the DOTCOM.
Gringo Starr
Looks interesting. I'd love to hear some demos of this.
It looks to me that you have double standards.

Miley Cyrus
Besides transposing a sequence, how do you use these?
I won't pretend to speak for alternating.bit but I use the Q123 Standards as a plain old precision voltage source. The convenience of a switchable voltage source is the other useful thing. Being able to switch on/off the voltage when needed is helpful because otherwise I only have multiples and a passive attenuator bank to use for a manual switch.

I have never used the A440 output for tuning. I sue a BOSS tuner pedal for that.

I did use the Standards for key signature and octave shifting on a song once but it was fair to assume I could have just used a step sequencer to automate the key change function (but I didn't have an extra one at that time). It was an experiment which I felt had little redeeming value overall.

Who would use a 440hz output anyways?

I'm sure plenty of synth users have tuned to the "earth" vibration tuning.
In this demo below you get a short glimpse of one non-traditional way the tone output could be used for...


Backwards standards hihi hihi hihi
Eric the Red
I do not yet have any standards waah
Maybe when i can wiggle, ill get some?
Eric the Red

Standards is great for creating chords or pads while being accompanied by two or three other oscillators.
jmcecil wrote:
What's that saying ... "the best thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from"

You know, I wanted to "like" this until I remembered that this isn't the FaceBook group.
Just me
I use the standards for a precision voltage source for calibrating my oscillators among other things.
Notron fn
I’m thinking seriously about commissioning one of these.

Are there other modules I should look at aside from the Dotcom Q123?
I don't have any standards either...maybe that's why I find myself sticking my plug into modules that are way to big or not aesthetically laid out well. Although, it only seems to happen around 3 in the morning after last call...... seriously, i just don't get it
Holy thread resurrections, Batman!!
Notron fn
Yeah, I was thinking of getting this-but unlike the dotcom q123, I can’t drop the voltage, right?

I decided it might make more sense for me to update my cirklon’s cvio board to have that greater cv range.
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