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Behringer FCA1616 with ES3/ES6?
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Author Behringer FCA1616 with ES3/ES6?
I'm considering an ES-3/ES-6 setup to connect my Euro system to a laptop. The Behringer FCA1616 ($250) seems to be the most economical way to get ADAT in, ADAT out, and some analog ins/outs as well via USB2.

Anybody out there using a setup like this?

Other alternatives appear to be:

* MOTU 8pre ($550)
* Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 ($450)
* Behringer UMC1820 ($200 but not available, rumored canceled)

All are 1u rack units with USB2 interfaces. I have a smaller (non-ADAT) Scarlett interface and have been happy with its sound and reliability. The MOTU scores high for build quality and sound but is more pricy. Any personal experiences?
I'd also like to know, it might be worth sacrificing the return postage to test it out cos at 183 quid it's the perfect entry for silent way/es3.
Any feedback on this, experiences with this setup or UMC1820 ? planning the same
bgribble wrote:

* Behringer UMC1820 ($200 but not available, rumored canceled)

i landed at gear4music with my search for the 1616, looks the other way around to me:
1820 coming soon, 1616 not available.

i went with the 1820 when i had to decide for a new AI.
i like it for the money. i´m not audiophile wink i use otherwise a NI komplete6 also.
couldn´t tell you one beeing better or worse than the other.

so far i run my ES-8 alone, but will get me a ES-3 for the 1820.
the 1820 still seems to be the best bang for the buck to me. other opinions ?
Before I upgraded my interface to a MOTU 16A, I was using an FCA1616 for interfacing with the modular and it worked just fine under Windows.
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