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How to Power 1, 12v Sequencer?
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Author How to Power 1, 12v Sequencer?
edit* this post has been edited from my original question. now wondering about powering a single 12v module.


Say I needed to power 1 thing that needed 18v and 1 thing that needed 12v. What are my options?

It would theoretically be an SEM and a Klee Sequencer.
find out if one of them could be powered by the lower/higher voltage.
otherwise 2 supplies or a very custom supply with 2 sets of regulators at different outputs. we are speaking bi-polar on both as well right?
wait a minute. you are getting some serge gear aren't you?
you could power the klee from the serge psu given it is 12v as well.
Well...I'm saving for the serge. smile So I'm looking to get something patchable, analogue (yet compact) in the meantime like the SEM.

I guess 2 separate power supplies then? ick
typical psu for the 12v and maybe a wall wart for the 18v. is that an option?
yeah, that would be an option. BUT It's looking like now that I'm going to score a patchable SEM but it will have it's own PSU.

So now I need to morph this discussion into:

What's the easiest way (or best way) to power 1 thing (Klee Seqiencer) via 8 pin doepfer style connector. Is there something i can buy or fashion to act as a adapter so I can use a wall wart or something?

in other words, I don't need a busboard...just need to power 1 module.
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