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share you patches here!
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Author share you patches here!
I'll have a place to host some files within the next week or so,
Untill then share any patches here that you feel are so sweet you just have to show someone else!
I have some Z1 patches i have made/edited if anyone has a Z1 and is interested, I have also made a few patches on my virus that are "okay" making use of routing the LFO's to effect parameters destinations.
drop me a PM if you have a Z1 or a Virus.
I havent really gotten into the Evolver as much as i would like to,
Im thinking about(well have been for a while) picking up the soft editor for the Evolver to get inside it better, and when i do ill throw up a big slew of patches!
I have a few on the Pulse and Novation SBS as well.

Share the patches you have here!
Also one of these days when im not feeling as lazy, Ill scan some pictures of the Sherman on my favorite settings, as well as the Flanger hoax, those two make a killer sound generating device!
To hear that combo you can check them out on myspace on the track "finding a comfort" which all the sound generation is the flanger hoax and Sherman, with various other synths like the Z1,Xpand,Virus,M1,Wavestation for the pads.
Also the Flanger Hoax ran into the Evolvers delay and feedback make a killer combo too! you can here that here
you can also host files on
for a week too it you dont have anywhere to host them or need something for moving larger files, althought sysex files are tiny and should fit in any email provider!
Share away! grin
Muff Wiggler
i'll post up a bunch of modular synth patch ideas when i get some time

good thread idea!

cheers 8)
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