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Who has a Plan B M17?
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Author Who has a Plan B M17?
Ever since that thread where a few of us basically talked A/D D/A out of getting an M17, I've been more interested in it.

I've seen a couple youtube videos from dkimcg with it in use in a patch, and it seems kind of fun.

Anyone got one? How do you like using (and/or abusing) it?
I have one. I ended up selling my M28 because I like the M17 so much more and they perform the same basic functions.

There isn't really a way to abuse it (not that I've seen). Plugging in audio rate waveforms into it's inputs just makes the gates trigger faster... other than that, it's a pretty simple but useful module.
I own one now w00t
... get with the sound files already!
I think that is probably usefull than the zorlon.....
I'll make some audio demos as soon as I can...just wanted to update.

I really should have bought this module a long time ago, it's so fun and perfect for the kind of patches I generally make. Let me explain...

I always like using modules that have trigger or gate outputs, particularly if they are engaged by a particular stage/phase. For example, the EOC and EOA outputs on the Plan B M10, or the M24, and it's also one of the main reason I bought the A-143-2 had gate outputs for the end of each phase of the EG. This allows to you trigger one event after another event, creating rhythmic phrases, or dynamic patches where many different aspects of the sound are changing in sequence.

Well, the M17 basically will add these kind of trigger/gate outputs to any module. LFOs, EGs, etc. Plus, the M17 also has NOT outputs, which output a gate/trigger when the normal output is low, allowing you to trigger events when the M17 is not triggering some other events.

I can now see why sgnhh got rid of his M28. I'm not going to, but I clearly see why wink.

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