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Grounding question
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Author Grounding question
Nelson Baboon
You'll forgive me here - lots of inbreeding in my family, and I've never really understood the esoterica about what will/won't work grounding a bunch of banana plug devices together.

it's currently kind of awkward, since I have everything grounded directly to my fenix system, and there are tons of cables plugged into its grounding jack currently. Part of the reason is that I've accumulated a whole bunch of these newfangled bugbrand desktop devices (as well as ciat lonbarde, blippoo, etc) to my sonic betterment most emphatically.

Would the following work? one bug grounded to the next, which is grounded to the next, etc, etc, and then just one cable going over to the fenix to ground those both together? Or does that violate some primordial law of grounding?
You are fine going one to the next to the next etc.
Nelson Baboon
BugBrand wrote:
You are fine going one to the next to the next etc.

excellent. Thanks.
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