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Polivoks melody.
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Author Polivoks melody.
This is my very first modular recording.

Harvestman Polivoks filter did some nice melodies on it's own, with help of MFB dual ADSR. And Doepfer quad ADSR function as primitive four-step sequencer. Maybe I will overdub something over this, and make a tune out of it...
thumbs up Can you post patch details?
uh... let me recall... hmmm.....

Each one of MFB OSC-02 three oscillator outputs goes to dedicated VCA, and third osc. is multed, so one "half" of the signal goes straight to vca, and another goes to Doepfer A 138d effect insert, which sends signal to EH Big Muff and Boss Super Shifter (that's how I got that high-pitched perc. sound). And I chained Doepfer Quad ADSR so it forms a looped sequence, using it's "end of decay" outs. One step of the sequence is multed, so it can trigger MFB ADSR, which controls cutoff of Polivoks filter, which filters second (I think?) oscillator. I've found nice spot on a Polivoks, so it produces that downward harmonic arpeggio every time MFB ADSR is triggered. Finally, four VCAs are used (two Doepfer dual VCAs), and last stage in the patch is Doepfer mixer, which sends everything to computer.

I'm not quite sure if this is exactly what I patched, but you got the picture, more or less.
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