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modding Alesis ModFX for CV?
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Author modding Alesis ModFX for CV?
Anyone tried this? Wondering about schematics, overvoltage protection etc?

Maybe this should be in DIY... not sure.
the diy section would probably be your best bet
i'll move it now

Cary did this mod but never spilled the beans as to how to do it.

The bypass switching works with a trigger or gate. I forgot where the threshold is though. Around +3VDC I think although I could be wrong as I haven't done it in a while.
in a lot of digital equipment the knobs are just a voltage divider and output a 0-5V (or 3.3V for some more recent equipment)

this makes it "easy" to add CV by just ramming it into the ADC that reads the knob

some people use zeners for overvoltage protection but more "proper" methods exist

i was toying around with a boss PH-3 a while back and i could get it to respond to CV (it expected 0-3.3V i think) but it seemed like the firmware had some code for smoothing the voltage incase of a scratchy pot. i couldnt pull off any FM type maneuvers. you could always prefer this response as its like a vactrol without the ringing i guess....

come to think of it you can use a vactrol for CV too....
you wouldnt have to worry about overvoltage
Once owned all these Alesis stompboxes. What as waste of time and money.
Sounds like you never found a creative use for them that worked for you. Others have.
OK fair enough. They gave me hum, noise, and limited response. In a unique way, true. I do collect 70'ies italian organs.
I have found the Alesis ModFX FAZE as the best Leslie simulator for bass guitar. I also have a Casio SK-1 hard wired to a BITRMAN. It gives instant glitch to an uncircuit bent machine. The best use is w/ the SK-1 Harmonic Synthesizer to create all sorts of Fizmo-ish drones and textures. This CV mod looks absolutely what the box needs.

I wish I had the FILTRE version... or the FIDELITY X that was never produced. waah

Edit - forgot to ask... so would this Cary person be open to doing the modification?
The Bitrman, Philtre and the panner/lfo thing are all excellent in sound and functionality and would cost a fortune to replicate in a modular setup - 4 Cvs on each would make for an incredibly powerful little processing system especially if you had 2 of each. I've sold nearly all of mine now to buy modular stuff but I think I originally picked up 8 of them for £120!
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