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What the hell happened to flight of harmony?
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Author What the hell happened to flight of harmony?
Hey, y'all, flight here. First, I apologize again for the long quiet. You have been great customers and fans, and you deserve much better than that.

So, what the hell happened to flight of harmony?
Short answer then some TMI: Just about everything, and all within a short period. The worst of which being the loss of my prescription insurance. I doubt it comes as a surprise to most of y'all, but my brain works a bit... oddly. For which, I take medication! Yay, pharmacology. Russian Roulette They help me think!

The fun part there is that coming off the medication was a lot like that classic, heartwarming, family tale of hope and rebirth, Flowers for Algernon. very frustrating So, I couldn't do a damn thing for a long while and finally found a job about a week before I became homeless. This job also involves an apprenticeship and three years of school, with classes after work. Ugh.

With that and everything else going on, I haven't had time to do much of anything else. My brain doesn't like working on designs in bits and pieces. I prefer to sit down for a month and do nothing but design and create a new module.


I ain't done yet. This is just an extended hiatus for f(h). I have been working on a couple designs that might make a squeak or a beep or two. These will happen.

When? I dunno yet. I still have another year of school, and am also working on digging myself out of various holes in the landscape. There are a couple ideas I have on getting things going again sooner, but I can't make any promises until I know more. Thank you all for your patience.

Now, the current status of f(h) and products:

All sales and manufacturing are now handled by that clever Fox at Foxtone Music. Now that they're handled by a real business-brained person, a few changes had to be made due to economic feasibility:
  • Barebones Packs are discontinued.
  • POWER and V'Amp are discontinued.
  • INM and Quad Plague bearer are not currently available. *sigh*
Due to lack of time and being incredibly embarrassed and guilt-ridden about everything, I've become pretty bad about checking my email (as you've probably noticed). However, HeWhoWantsJeans, who is possibly the best friend, fan, and business associate, a lunatic like me could ever hope to even dream of, is always vigilant, has my phone number, and pokes me when necessary.

Thanks to all, and toodles.
Hey Flight, sorry to hear of the lull in your overall life trajectory. We're all of us falling apart at the seams near enough, some days the brain is a gift, and some days more like an evil parasite.

Your designs are awesome! It's easy to throw a bunch of expensive ICs into a box (guilty), clone a circuit or hook some minjacks to a digital processor. It is a real art form to make such a deep musical design in such an economical package. Hope you can add more to the f(h) canon when ready.
Sorry to hear you hit a rough patch but it sounds like you have a good attitude about it.

I've always loved my Plague Bearers and Choices has been used in every patch since it landed in my system.

Here's hoping your situation continues to improve. Hug
Glad to hear from you dude!!

It was awesome to see you at the muffwiggler store in Portland last year
Good to see you around, Flight. Hope things continue to get better for you and look forward to whatever you come up with.
Thanks for checking in and I'm glad you are working things through! Hug
it's good to hear from you!

"...coming off the medication..."

enough said! hugs and more hugs!

here's to hoping the next parts of the things are all lined up and going smoothly. thanks for checking in smile
computer controlled
Good to see you back! Keep up the good f(l)ight =o] Your mind would be a terrible thing to waste.
Soy Sos
Flight! Respect the architect!
slow_riot wrote:

Your designs are awesome! It's easy to throw a bunch of expensive ICs into a box (guilty), clone a circuit or hook some minjacks to a digital processor. It is a real art form to make such a deep musical design in such an economical package.

Seconded. PB is legendary but Choices is, hands down, the best joystick controller around. Nothing else comes close.

Really happy to see this thread today.
Hang in there Flight!!!

Glad to hear that you are working on some new things...
Good to hear from you, was wondering what was going on with f(h) quite often.

More mad love for PB & Choices!

Take care
flight! great to hear from you! SlayerBadger!

Your designs have always been innovative and I'm happy to enjoy a good number of them in my cases.

Take care of yourself, finish your schooling and we look forward to what surprises will come in the future.

best! Guinness ftw!
Boy, do I feel like a fool for having this slip under my radar. Apparently I got distracted by 'life' or something. Fwoops.

Like flight said, I try and keep my eyes on f(h) discussions and I poke him to raise his attention but if anyone ever needs to reach him, please don't hesitate to PM or email me (erik [at] and I'll double-down on poking him even harder.

Thank you to everyone for your support. thumbs up
Hey dude!
Good luck with everything. SlayerBadger!
Happened to stumble on this topic.
Dude, good luck with getting stuff going again, in the business and personal field.
FYI: the IMP was my first module and the reason I got into the whole Eurorack madness in the first place. Still have no idea what it really does but still love it hihi
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