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Orbitals ON-OFF Step Indicator
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Author Orbitals ON-OFF Step Indicator
I'm considering buying the PCB/Panel kit (whenever it gets back into stock) to have a different step sequencer in my setup (currently I've got 3xA-155s and 2xA-154s).

Having watched the Hex youtube demo, I noticed that there is no way to know what steps are actively selected (ie the step selectors do not illuminate when activated except when running through a sequence).

On the A-155, the toggle switches give the visual clue about whether a step is on/off when the sequence is actively running - seems as if Orbitals doesn't.

Have I missed something - appreciate advice from any other Orbitals owner, or indeed Mr Hex himself This is fun!
Used to own one, this was an issue for me. The only way to tell if a step was on is by looking to see if the button is depressed. Unfortunately this doesn't work out at certain angles and in dark clubs.
It is quite a good sequencer besides this though.
Agree this is about the only flaw of this little seq, I love it really apart from that. Studio use only, so not a real problem for me, but I can see in live situations this is a bit of a killer. Else it really delivers and is very well thought out IMO.
OK - thanks're confirming what I thought...however,,,as I'm building DIY, there may be the option to use a latching switch that lights up when depressed (locked) as well as pulsing when it receives a trigger....

I'll move this question over to the DIY forum, although there is precious little traffic about DIY Hex builds.....

The question about a lighted switch being able to be triggered briefly should be a valid topic though....
it would be nice if they had a mod to get this to work, makes unit more of a novelty then music instrument.
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