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Buchla Mixing duties
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Author Buchla Mixing duties
Hi there,

As my exploration phase continues, I am trying to figure out simple Mixer/VCA modules withing a basic 200e set up. The 292e would give you basic gate duties but what I am trying to figure is if you need the 227e system interface or the 210e control and signal router in a starter system.

Looking at:


The more I explore these modules the more impressed I become!

If you are committed to a 225e, you have pretty much decided against the 206e, and you can look at either the 207e or the 227e. Or you can settle on the mix out of the 292e.

The 210e is a little different.
xart dont need the 227 207 or 206....your 292e can also be your mixer to the outside world...

I use my 292e last row as my main mixer all the time (out to the behringer) thumbs up
You an also use the Model 230e Triple Envelope Tracker.
From the buchla website:

The preamplifier is provided with input and output connections
to facilitate its use as a mixer; outputs are normaled to the
envelope trackers’ inputs, enabling independent use of the devices.
I use my 292e as my mixer to the outside world but am planning on getting a 207e soon the 227e would be wicked cool to have if I had an 18panel boat but since I've only got 12 spaces to work with realestate is at a premium in my system. the reason I'm going with the 207 is that it has VU meters and stereo panning as well as a headphone jack. the 292 works fine as a mixer but I want stereo eventually.

the 210e is really useful if you want to mix things before sending them to multiple places like filters for audio or the SOU for CV etc. but it would make a shitty output mixer I think using it like that would limit what it was made for.
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