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Aluminium chassis/enclosures
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Author Aluminium chassis/enclosures
Im looking to find a supplier of pre made aluminium chassis in the UK
(or elswhere I guess) to accommodate Euro modules, the goal would be
to build them into a folding buchla style case.

Im not totally decided on the dimensions yet; whether I want a 19 inch
x 6U, 30 inch x 3U or something else.

If anyone knows of any suppliers of pre bent aluminium or steel
chassis in various sizes let me know, meanwhile Ill update this thread
with links to anything I find, whether 3U or not. -serge - euro rack enclosure 3U 17x12x3 - 6U euro - various 401.html - not cases, just alu
you can get subracks easily and cheaply on ebay. not sure if that is what you are looking for.
schroff chassis

those mount on rack rails though so maybe that isn't what you are looking for.
those words searched should pull up some good stuff. industrial supply places will haggle nicely too. they often send along extra parts as well such as blank panels, rails and even power supplies in some cases (granted, not ones easily used for eurorack modules).

i just got my last one for 55 shipped.
Thanks for your help. Rather than a rack enclosure Im looking for something more like this:

The idea being I could put my own rails, PSU's in and then fit them around some wood or stainless side panels to achieve something like this but in euro format:

Ive a feeling Im going to have to find somewhere to bend it for me to match whatever size I decide upon, though If I can find something suitable pre-made it would probably save a bit of time and money.

I need to decide for certain what sizes I want first... cant decide between 2 smaller cases or 1 larger one... I want the equivalent of 18U of euro.
If you DO go the custom route, can I recommend - very good service, pretty quick turnaround and decent prices. I've been very happy with them!
^ Excellent, thanks Tom... presuming my old man cant do it (or know someone who can) having at least the boats custom made seems like the easiest option.

Out of interest did you have someone draw up your designs in CAD and take it to them or did they handle that side of it for you?
I was introduced to Solidworks by George Hearn - very powerful program but relatively easy to use compared with, say, QCAD that I'd tried to learn before. You get very nice results:

- that's an 'assembly' of i) Rack Frame, ii) 2 x Rack Endcheeks, iii) a blank panel -- all tied correctly together.
[though I didn't add 'nutserts' (captive nuts) in the image - just specified where these should go for mounting]

You probably *could* just take a rough sketch to PEM (or others) and have them make a sketch from there but it depends how particular you want to get and I'm not sure about cost differences. I've been able to specify every little detail so that the results are a breeze to fit together.
^ thanks Tom, that's really useful.

My brother is a CAD monkey so I can probably persuade him to help me if need be. My old man is an toolmaker/fitter so Im hoping he will be able to get the boats made up... if not Ill check these guys out. Im hoping I could get away with 9 bends for each boat, with either wooden or stainless end cheeks.

Thanks for chipping in, just sent you a mail btw.
getting it fab'ed is the way to go
it is really easy for you to get them to cut any holes or shapes out of the metal before it is bent
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