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New 3.0 firmware for PAiA MIDI2CV8
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Author New 3.0 firmware for PAiA MIDI2CV8
Did anyone else catch this? I haven't seen it mentioned here and only just stumbled across this link:

Enhance your model 9700 MIDI2CV8 with added operating modes and features.

Gain eight new modes and new features to the existing modes with simple changes to the board and a new firmware IC.

Roy Gwinn, creator of the Gristleizer, and synth tech for the band Ultravox, has expertly refined the way MIDI2CV8 executes the process of conversion between a MIDI keyboard controller and the modes which output the information as control for voltage-controlled synthesizers. You'll love the way modes can be changed on the fly and remotely using a Control Change message. New modes lend themselves to newer MIDI controllers with buttons, pots, sliders, and transport controls, handling messages reflecting changes in their settings and actuation as varying or discrete voltage outputs from the MIDI2CV8.

MIDI2CV8 was one of my very first kit builds back in 1998 or so. But I still use it constantly and there's not much in any format that is quite as versatile - it's great to see it still being maintained after all this time.
Blacet SlayerBadger!
dJ dAb
Think I'm gonna give it a try
interesting. i might have to hook mine up and check it out since its just been gathering dust. ive stayed away from midi 2 cv since i got into silent way. but if it seems useful i might consider this...
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