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4000 Series Logic Availability
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Author 4000 Series Logic Availability
So I'm starting to work on schematics for a crazy idea that I have for a modular-style sequencer. And as I've been putting together the logic circuitry, I've been going through Mouser and I'm noticing that a lot of 4000-series parts seem to be not available anymore, and it's making it difficult to find what I need. For instance, there don't seem to be any octal buffers available even in surface mount, much less DIP.

I'd really like to use 4000 series logic because it's the best match for typical modular signal levels. However, now I'm wondering if it would be better to do the digital parts of the circuitry in, say, 74HC parts, and only convert to the higher levels at input and output. Is there anyone else doing anything like this?
chocolatyshatner seems to have a pretty good selection of 4000 series chips. I ordered a bunch for some CGS projects. Downside is the order must be at least $25. Shipping took about a week.
Specifically which chips do you need?
dougt wrote:
Specifically which chips do you need?

Still kicking design ideas around, but I'm seeing that things would be cleaner if I could find a 4-in-16-out demux, and an octal line driver.
Use TTL, level shifting is easy to do and you can use readily available parts.

It is silly to build things based on obsolete parts when when there are perfectly viable replacement parts.

Also, In my experience the bigger chips like the 16 channel muxes tend to have crap pinouts for interfacing with octal parts unless you are doing a multilayer board.
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