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Wiring cliff jacks
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Author Wiring cliff jacks
Ok, so I got my panel and jacks for doing my first DIY multiple. Apart from a a bit of soldering at school, i'm pretty much a beginner, so please excuse my dumb questions. hihi

I've drilled my holes and mounted my jacks and now i'm down the wiring. I understand the principle of how to wire it up but everything I've read refers to the jacks having three lugs. Mine have 4. Should I wire up all 4 together or should I be missing one out? If so which one? I don't know which is the ground, sleeve, tip etc - how can you tell?
the bad producer
As you look at the top of the jacks, with the socket pointing towards you, the bottom right leg is ground (sleeve), the top right leg is signal contact (tip), the top left is the tip switch, and the bottom left is the switch for the ground lug...

So basically (unless you want a switched multiple) ignore the two left legs...

If it helps I could post up a pic?

Hey man, thanks for the info - I appreciate it.

I think i'll be ok without a pic but thanks. I'll wire up one and see what happens. If it doesnt work i might hit you up for a bit of troubleshooting hihi
the bad producer
cool... I should have said (you may know this, so forgive me if you find me patronising!) just connect all the ground legs together (front right) and all the tip legs together (back right) but don't connect the one to the other (ground to tip)....
Thanks man, I appreciate it. It's not patronising at all. Like I said, I'm just starting out, so it's great to have as much info as possible so I don't fuck it up hihi
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