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VC Distortion PCB for 12v recommendation
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Author VC Distortion PCB for 12v recommendation
money bags
I'm going to sell off my metasonix VCA distortion. I really like the sound but i can see those tubes sticking out of it becoming trouble with how much i have to move my case around. I would keep it if the tubes were better protected.
can any one recommend a VC distortion?
Plague Bearer
MOTM 510 wavewarper
Oakley Overdrive? Although, there's nothing to VC there...
VCA before any distortion = VC distortion thumbs up
money bags
I turn by back for one second and..... angry

THANKS GUYS!! It's peanut butter jelly time!

the Plague Bearer is a distortion? I always thought of it as a filter (im not a fan of filters)

ill look into the MOTM 510 wavewarper

Oakley Overdrive i have considered and like DGTom mentioned i can just run a VCA before it. kind of slipped my mind.

I want something that sounds like a RAT pedal! I'm talking totally fucked!
Plague Bearer is not a filter. It's not distortion. It's both. It's neither! It's awesome! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
money bags
fuck man i need to get those plugged in!!! i have 2! im waiting for my metal hole punch (just a few more days) to finish the face plate.
Lots of really good distortions are super simple, a PCB would be way OTT for them, if you don't mind getting busy with proto-board, this;

[img] _mosfet.gif[/img]

is a really good place to start. Replace R56 with a vactrol for some really dirty CV boost.

Take a few hours to breadboard a bunch & see what floats yah boat!

Failing that... stick a Rat behind a panel & call it a day MY ASS IS BLEEDING
woops - the 510 is 15v. But it might work with 12v.

yup, plague bearer is more used as a distortion than a filter here.
money bags
Failing that... stick a Rat behind a panel & call it a day

I was thinking about doing this with a nord micro modular

ill see what i can do with the bread board. I just got a massive parts order so i have some playing around to do.
the boxotrix circuits are good the cmos one is awesome
im about to rip apart my boxotrix and frac rack it
i might try implement a whole bunch of cv while doing so
money bags
Im looking for a mod to CV the nord micro modular. nothing has come up yet but i have not started asking around. this could be the turning point.
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