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your favourite synths of all time?
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Author your favourite synths of all time?
Well girls and boys what is it going to be? Lets try to keep the list to three or less per person so that it is concise.

Lets assume that we are not talking about fixed architecture synths that you have actually owned and had good experiences during ownership rather than some dream synth wish list. I ask this because there are plenty of wish lists out there on other sites which don't give the uninitiated clues about what other great synths are out there (and are perhaps still affordable?).

First off for me; waldorf XTK. I felt it was the most flexible synth for sounds and built in effects that i had ever laid my hands on. I sold it last year for an insanely large sum and have settled on Nave since then instead. Note the XT is basically just as good with all the important control knobs and can be had reasonably cheaply.

Maybe a close second for me is the yamaha AN1X, which is not nearly as flexible as the XTK, but has a great sound classic yet individual sound much like the XTK. One thing i love about this synth, in a world of hobbiests with studios costing in the USD$ 5 digit range, is it can be had for $300 or less.

Last place is juno 106 which is just so basic but carries so many classic tones that people are familiar with. Still affordable but the maintenance was a deal breaker for me.
Out of the 140 synths ive had , my favourite three would be
1 model D minimoog
2 roland JP 8
3 Ppg Wave 2.3

Enjoy the show!
Prophet VS
Rhodes Chroma

Honorable mention: MaxiKorg
Favorite non-modular hardware synths I owned in the past:

Arp Odyssey
Kurzweil K2000
Korg Wavestation
Emu Morpheus
Surely that was three per category, right? hihi

From the non-modulars that I own and enjoy most... These are my favorites per category.


SH2: for it's pure class power oscillators
SH101: for the amazing sequencer
TB303: for the amazing resonance, accents and slides

Poly Analog/Hybrid:

JU60: cannot sound bad
A6: can sound very bad but does everything
K3m: cheesy and simplistic but I like this one for quick hybrid stuff; mine needs a repair :(

Poly Digital:

V-Synth XT: most amazing sample mangler there is; doubles as a D-50
DX7 MK1: pure rough FM goodness, classic, easy to program hihi
DX100: even dirtier than a MK1 DX7, small and light, so extremely easy to program; and thank god for the normal ADSR envelopes love

Cheers! Guinness ftw!
This is actually quite an easy question for me.
My favourite synth of all time was my DX7.
My favourite "keyboard" has always been the piano, it's perfect.
My favourite synth that I own now is my modular, because its mine and I designed it perfectly for what I want to do.
multimoog. It's such a great performance synth and it sounds so sharp and biting.

Kawai K5000 - beautiful additive beast.
Roland Jup6 - analogue goodness.
Kawai XD5 - the most overlooked drum synth.
I haven't owned as many as some of you, but my favorites have been:

Sh101 for its good sound, fast envelopes, and ease of use.

Prophet 600 with GliGli OS. Analog vco's and aggressive dark filter make for a cool sound. Arpegiator, sequencer, plenty of knobs and somewhat flexible sound.

ESQ-1. Gritty sound, easy to program, lots of different tones from 1980's digital cheese to nice analogish sounds (albiet with a bit of cool digital lofi grit).
if only one synth allowed in my studio,
that would probably be the OB matrix12.
In the case of a real studio, my fav poly is the Jupiter 4.
I haven't had enough to comment. But my fav sound is the Minimoog for sure.
Pro 1
Moog prodigy
Prophet 600
dj2sday wrote:
Pro 1
Moog prodigy
Prophet 600

+ for pro 1, really great too
Favorite fixed-architecture synths I've owned:

- Nord G2 expanded. If I was forced to own only one synth, it would be this. There is little it cannot do.

- Nord Lead 3. Friendliest synth ever. Best VA I've used and most inspiring synth I've ever used. Sold mine because I thought it overlapped too much with the G2, but now I'm looking into buying another one.

- Korg ER-1. Fun, friendly, quirky, versatile, cheap, accessible. Everything I want in an instrument. It does so much more than just drums. I've had one for 15 years and can't get bored of it.

firstly i totally expected people to NOT EVEN READ THE PARAMETERS OF THE FIRST POST

i know this is hard people but lets keep it to three or less and lets not do the mono poly section cop out!

As for everyone thank you for your answers i think they are golden.

@fac i still kick myself that i was at a strange part of the world during the onset of the global financial crisis and could have bought a brand new in box nord G2 keyboard for USD$1300 and didn't!!!
this changes almost every day for me (depending on what i ate for breakfast).

generally, theres a reason the classics are classics, so for me, its often:

arp 2600

sometimes that changes to

arp 2600
prophet 5

or, well, any 3 other amazing synths. smile

Just me
ARP2600 with 3620 Duo-phonic keyboard.
Hammond B3 (ultimate electro-mechanical polysynth!)
Prophet T-8

(Now if I could add something I always WANTED...Fairlight CMI!)
supersuper wrote:

@fac i still kick myself that i was at a strange part of the world during the onset of the global financial crisis and could have bought a brand new in box nord G2 keyboard for USD$1300 and didn't!!!

That was a great price. I bought mine during a blowout sale for $1800, including polyphony expansion, gig bag, gooseneck mic, and the Waldorf Edition plugin pack.

I just realized I chose the G2 even though it's not really a fixed-architecture synth. I guess I don't see it as a modular in the sense that one can't customize and expand it at will. It has a fixed set of features and a fixed amount of power.
Without a doubt my BugBrand modular

Also Juno 60

And lastly my biggest regret - selling my Andromeda A6
Juno 6
System 100 101 and 102

SH101 deserves a mention also SH1000
all roland, not deliberately, korg 700s also for a mention and Yamaha TG33

is that in the rules. .....
d'oh! d'oh!
Well not that i have by any means have i been lucky enough to try everything

The synth that blew my mind most

Rhodes chroma .. Hands down awesome

Fun to twiddle.... OSCAR

And well fuk it yamaha tg 77 ... Yeah thats right what ya gonna do about it smile

sad banana
Modal 002

They're all good, all different and all sound really fantastic.

I'd add a 4th but I can't decide if it's the Korg ARP Odyssey or MS-20.

BTW The rules in the original post are logically inconsistent so it is not actually possible to follow them correctly Mr. Green
hihi Guinness ftw!
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