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DIY Audio in circuit?
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Author DIY Audio in circuit?

Does anybody know of a quick and easy external audio in circuit for modular purposes (running external synths audio through the modular's VCF/VCA)? Ray Wilson has one (, but as I'm running +/-15V, I don't know if I'd need to change some of the parts values or not, plus I don't need an envelope generator per se as well.

If there's not one floating around, I'll just build the MFOS design and breadboard it first.

I'm tired of that high end "fuzz" sound that I get just running audio signal straight in to my MFOS multimode and YuSynth ARP clone.

Just build that section. Use a TL071 or a dual / quad package if you want more than 1 amplifier.

Should work fine with those values.
i havent checked the circuit you posted but i used the preamp section of his sonic multiplier before and it worked great

theres also a few other options if you dont want to perfboard it

ken stone has a simple board

also paia just came out with a lot of new kits

those are the links to the preamp and the env follower kits
these "kits" are more or less a small PCB populated with some SMT components and you just solder the jacks, pots, and some a couple through-hole components
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