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Author beads?
Hey there,

So I'm building some stuff, among which a CGS VCS and I don't have any ferrite beads. How do I keep forgetting to order these I don't know. I never even used a single bead in any kit because they seem to work with small resistors too. Most CGS build documents say:"ferrite bead, or 10 Ohm resistor" or something like that, maybe 22 Ohm, whatever.
Well now the VCS is the first one that doesn't say that. I assume it can't hurt to stick a resistor in there, but wonder if the value is very significant. For now I'll stick in a 22 Ohm, but if any of you guys know better, please chime in...

kind regards,
Anyone have a U.S. catalog # handy for something CGS suitable?
I have bought these: BEUBN8dFwA%252bA%3d%3d

They where suggested somewhere but it seems they are 68 ohms and the the cgs boards fit with bigger beads, these are quite small....
I use these - mouser part # 623-2743002112 for just about anything that calls for ferrite beads.
Thanks for the mouser part # thumbs up
I use these a lot: BK-ND

Don't be fooled by the "resistance" value given for a ferrite. Their DC resistance is virtually zero. The resistance value given is the resistance at a specific frequency (usually up around 100MHZ). That's the key to them doing what they do. They pass DC without change just like a piece of wire, but have resistance at high frequencies.
So they do smoothing? aha...

I remember finding some beads in some other thing I cannibalized some time ago. Since no value is given by Ken I guess I might as well try these huh?
Yeah, give 'em a try. For audio applications, the specific value of the beads doesn't matter much.
Now where did I put those? hmmm.....
Dave Kendall
Hi guys.

PC cards and mother boards heading for the recycle plant can sometimes be a good source for ferrite beads. Older dead A/V gear often has quite a few on the boards..

As they're passive, I guess there's not much that can fail on them.....

Free parts are cool smile

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