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Case Recommendations for Serge Systems
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Author Case Recommendations for Serge Systems
Hey folks,

I ordered the Thon 8U case from Thomann but it is impractical to pop the case up once it is racked up with 2 Serge panels so I have sent it back. I do like to patch at an angle rather than flat.

Does anyone have any good recommendations for portable cases for a 2 panel Serge system? Pop up style mixer cases are fine, European ordering preferred.
ear ear
How deep are the boats? What was impractical about the case you had?

I've got my two Ian Fritz panels in 3" boats mounted in an 8U pop-up mixer case from Flightcase Warehouse. Web page here.
I am using the SKB 12U pop up mixer case. 1

It can hold up 3 boats so you have space left for more.. Altough it is a quite chunky case it did the job very well acting as a decent flight case for my trip abroad.
If you don't need to travel (or often at least) go wood.

You define the working angle and looks great too.

Another satisfied Lamond customer - tho mine is still being born

Weedywhiz does great sides too
Thank you chaps!

The problem with the one I ordered was that you couldn't pop the case up once it was loaded, there were no handles so had to be wedged out. Also, there wasn't enough clearance to let the case pop up fully. I could have forced it but then my panels would have been scraping up against the case. I think Flightcase Warehouse and SKB are good suggestions. I'd prefer 8U at the moment but I guess 12U will just tempt me into getting an Animate sooner rather than later.
I’m about to pick up 2-3 serge panels, and if things go well I might pick up a fourth. Are the 12u pop up mixers the best option for the studio and portability? Has anyone designed anything interesting they felt like worked well?

I like the pop up mixers but just curious if anyone has other option, especially for 4 panel systems? 12u-pop-up-mixer-case
I have this 12u case from Thomann:

I thought it would be the most practical solution, but its really heavy. If I were to do it over, especially for 4 panels, I would build my own case. I think the briefcase style design with 2 halves that you see in Eurorack all the time would be best for portability. Something like this: table-eurorack-case-5v-12v-360hp
I bought a 10U Thon case in the end and while it works, it's not the best solution.
It is heavy, cumbersome and you can not carry it patched. I agree with lasesentaysiete, have a case made.
I would love if you could still get a case like this:

And I think I've seem some side-opening briefcase style Serge cases in videos over the years...
Thanks for the reply folks! My plan is to contact a couple of the eurorack case manufacturers who make 12u foldable cases and see if anyone would be willing to do a custom case. I know monorocket has done some custom cases in the past but not sure if they are still producing cases. I will report back if I hear anything.

If that doesn't pan out, I'll probably just go with the pop up mixer case. I do have a friend who is a carpenter and possibly he could come up with something, but we will see.

If other people have opinions or experience, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks again!
@sensanalog - any update on the custom travel option? I'm looking too!
emenel wrote:
I would love if you could still get a case like this:

And I think I've seem some side-opening briefcase style Serge cases in videos over the years...

Pretty sure that's a repurposed Halliburton case... I think Rex at STS used to offer or recommend the Zero Centurion Elite but hopefully someone might be able to chime in here and confirm that.

New they cost a small fortune and much cheaper to get something made, they do turn up on evilBay if you keep an eye out.
I would imagine captnapalm might be able to help guide someone interested in building a Halliburton case like that for Serge.
i would love to know if any wood makers are in the US. I tried Goike for about a year and nothing came of it. I have a local shop I can use if anyone has something I can give them. Lamond looks far away
I’m going to build a mono rocket style case (no power as I’m using the external Konstant lab brick) to house two xl Random Source boats
Decent woodworking guy should be able to come up with a simple frame to hold the panels that hinges at the bottom, this mounts into a shallow box with a removable cover. Can be very simple, or as fancy as you want.

I’m currently designing a set of 2 boat cheeks that screw into the rack ears mounting holes. These would attach two boats together to make an 8u single unit.

I’m considering a few ideas right now

- making the cheeks deeper than the boats so that two 8u units can stack or be hinged together from the side

- finding a pelican case that is large enough to hold two 8u units stacked for easy transport, even though you’d have to remove them to play. The biggest down side is that they can’t be transported patched

Previously I’ve tried pop up style mixer racks, but they are too bulky and there’s a lot of wasted table space behind them when they’re popped up.

I also talked to some local builders about doing a flight case style “suitcase”, but the cost and weight make it less appealing.

The Zero cases are really nice, but again pretty bulky when it’s setup to play in a table.

I realized that what I really want is a way to attach two boats together so I can put them in stands (like small guitar stands on the table top) for easy playing, and then some way to transport them safely. Those don’t need to be the same thing.

I’m going to get a couple test sets of cheeks laser cut out of plywood and acrylic to see what works best.
When you say “travel with”, do you mean trust with airline handlers? Or do you mean put in your trunk and drive to your buddies house? Because depending on that the design is going to be different.
Serge boats are pretty rugged because of the density of knobs and overall light weight. A form fitting padded bag is probably enough if you are going to be handling these during traveling. Once you move up to trusting others, I would definitely have a hardshell case.
I like the idea of pulling them out and using a guitar stand or music stand to hold them that sounds pretty sweet. I have mine in a wooden case and while the beautify is undeniable, it is definitely not fun to move around. Definitely a studio synth.

I’m more talking about in a car or a train then as checked baggage. Although with the right padding and a pelican case it could probably be checked.

I just haven’t seen anything that feels like it’s good for transport and for playing. I figure having two 8u units is nice for playing, then I can put them in a secure case for moving them or whatever.
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