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ADDAC505 mille plateaux..when?
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Author ADDAC505 mille plateaux..when?


Hi, when is going to be released this module? any info?


yo, addac said they were taking 505 pre-orders back in February!




from facebook thumbs up


Well, i'm on the waiting list for this quad EG for about eight months...

Then i saw some of the videos from Superbooth16 and I was wondering if anyone here did managed to get a few more informations from Andre at the show, by chatting with him, etc.

Obviously any estimations about the moment when it will hit the light would be cool ; but i have also a few questions about the way the 4 Enveloppes are under voltage control.

I've figured out the all "hold button" thing, for selecting which EG is accessed by the knobs, and can imagine the way, with the morph function, you can skip from one Envelope's form to another's (at least i think i can understand it).

What i don't fully comprehend is which enveloppe is accessed by the modulations plugged in the front panel. Say you put an LFO in the enveloppe attack time, does it mean that ALL the 4 enveloppes are modulated? Only the one whose Hold button is lit?

Some infos would make the wait a little more fun!


Is this module still not out?



I mean, they have so much stuff in the perpetual pipeline, and just announced a ton of *other* stuff this year, and are shipping the EHX C9 today... seems like US retailers are frustrated and dropping them or clearing out stock. Dunno.


I mean they do some super-cool left-field stuff, and I'm all over that C9 (especially now that it's 'real'), but seems like they need to tighten up the business end a bit.

Kind of prefer the 'surprise! here's a new thing in production / shipping now!' approach.


I cannot wait for this one. Dead Banana $$$$


Any news or more info on this module?


Andre told me by email that the 505 will be the last of the "new" modules to ship, after the EHX and the Midi modules...

Expected for the summer!

Quite a long wait (it's been a year i've jumped on the list), but at least this great module (as far as i can tell) will show up.

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