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Olde Frac Modules
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Author Olde Frac Modules
But goodies...

Unusual sale for Blacet?

As seen on the Blacet Mailing LIst:

Sent: 2015-08-17 08:06:55 (PST)
Subject: Blacet Research: End of Summer Kit Sale

"Instant Rebate"* of 20% on all kits! 10% on RAKs, PSCONN3, PS800.

(Does not apply to assembled modules or items not mentioned above.)

Subject to stock on hand. Expires 8-31-2015 midnight PT.

*Usually within 24 hours of ordering.
fracmonkey wrote:
Unusual sale for Blacet?

Yep, very unsual for Blacet. I'm on his mailing list for years and this is the first time he offers a general rebate.

Given that his kits are already an incredible bang for buck anyway, this discount should make them a no brainer for any noob to start a frac rack.
So is this for everyone and given automatically, or just for mailing list members? It's not mentioned on Blacet website but I'd assume it's in effect for everyone.

Tempted to order a kit or two!
flts wrote:
So is this for everyone and given automatically, or just for mailing list members?

My guess, it's for everyone. Just ask John Blacet vial email.
Asked, and if anyone else is interested, it is indeed valid for all orders made before the end of this month - make an order, get money back after it's processed.
Good to know, thanks for sharing.

I strongly recommend at least one MiniWave and both ROMs. Then take your time and the manual to look up the wavetables and their suggested usage! They are very well chosen!

The external input is a very usefull feature. The MiniWave should be driven by a saw[1], however, a HPF btn the VCO and MiniWave works like charm. Furthermore the saw out from the Synthtech/MOTM Cloud Generator is amazing if you start to fiddle with its Chaos and Spread pots.

[1] any other waveform is fine for non linear functions (if that's the correct term?)
Thanks! I already have a Wiard Waveform City though, which basically has the equivalent of a Miniwave with a really nice stock ROM, and a great analog VCO, et cetera... All in all it's probably my fave module ever.

Because of that I _am_ seriously tempted to get a Miniwave and maybe driving it with the Wiard Classic VCO at first. But what I really _need_ most is utility type stuff, so I'm mostly considering Window Comparator and the Super VCA kits now. Binary Zone would be the third thing I really really want, but that's something I just need to buy used since it's no longer available it seems.
SuperVCA is as the name suggests super! Highly recommended! Got two them!

A very usefull utility module is the Splitter/Buffer/Mixer!
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