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Crowphonics CRO-2
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Author Crowphonics CRO-2
My CRO-2 box is here! Looks great, shiny black acrylic panels encased in a wooden box. Sounds bloody great too. Really brutal filter on it perfect for noise.

Uploaded a short sample which is the CRO 1 into CRO 2 filter, the frequency of which is modulated by a CRO 1 oscillator and then a BugBrand Postcard weevil into the CRO 2 ring modulator.

more info at

These boxes are only £80 - well worth the money. I've already emailed Ted to ask for a second filter.


I unwrapped mine yesterday, damn nice!!!
I had a beta/test version of the CRO-2, and that filter was soft compared to this beast!

This is also the prefect interface between modulars and noiseboxes.

Do yourself a favor and order one, at this price it is hard to beat.

Damn, that filter just roaaaaaaaars and screams. Almost makes the Plague Bearer seem lame wink
hope to order one soon (got first some modules planned) will get one to buddy my cro 1!
Just got the 8 step sequencer - now the CRO-1´s really came alive!
Here are a few pics from the first test of it:

And this is what it sounds like:

Think I better dance now.
OH MAN, THIS MUST MEAN MINE IS ON THE WAY MY ASS IS BLEEDING !!! My 2nd Cro 1 arrived to day and will meet it's brother and Mr. Moog tonight. Ted assured me that my Cro-2 shall be along after he finished another persons. I will enjoy these sound samples as I wait.
just got one too. not had time to use it yet but willl give it a blast over the weekend

great sample by the way!
Merged all my old Crow-vids into one big crappy lo-fi-fest:

how big are the boards for the CRO-2 modules?
im thinkin itd be nice to get some and throw 'em behind new panels with banana jacks so they can interface with my other stuff easier
I have never opened them, so I can´t answer that... email Crowphonics and ask!

Cool idea, but the bolts/crocs are too cool to remove IMHO.
Oh fuck me! I want all of this right now! Gimme gimme gimme!!!
@nrdvrgr - I really want one of these babies. I email but have not heard back yet. Can you perhaps suggest what I should get? When I read the site I'm not quite clear as to what is being offered and how the interact with each other or other gear in the studio. What's the difference between the 1 & 2?
Thanks in advance!
- brad
To begin with - Ted seems to have been very busy with other things right now and communication has been slooooow, but hang in there he will most probably get back to you soon.

CRO-1 is a standalone device with basically 2 LFO´s and 2 VCO´s. It has a wonderful power-starve function, a crude envelope and some other tricks built in as well.

CRO-2 is a modular concept. In itself it is just a wooden box with a powermodule. There are at the moment 4 modules available:


About my video above;

In the first part is everything used (CRO-1 x 3 /CRO-2 with all modules)

The second part is just the three CRO-1

Third part is everything again + a bass drum. I am synching everything with a Doepfer A-145 LFO.

Again, these machines are noisy, unpredictable and chaotic. Nothing out there sounds or behaves like them. At the same time they can be tamed quite well when interacting with a modular synth using CV.
Love them.
Nelson Baboon
I just wanted to mention here that I have a cro-1 and 2 up for sale here at what I think is a good price. I have no space for these at all, and they sit unused. I swore I'd never sell them, but it's been months since I used them, and I have less desk space than ever.
Of course!!! The only time I don't get any Xmas money! Dammit! I want those both. If no one takes ose by the middle of next week I will.
Nelson Baboon
ah - they sold pretty quickly.
So, has anyone connected their CRO-1 or 2 to eurorack system?

I own CRO-1 and CRO-2 (VCA, preamps/ringmod, filter only), and my friend (posting here as mantiwhore) has the eurorack, and we're thinking of patching it together. I'm also considering investing in my own euro system, but for start it would be nice if I could use Crowphonics together with first modules I'm going to get.
bk wrote:
So, has anyone connected their CRO-1 or 2 to eurorack system?

I believe nrdvrgr has. He mentions syncing everything with a Doepfer LfO. I just got mine last night so I've not tried it yet. Might need special cables, or I can probably use gator clips to secure patch cables in place.

Btw, crowphonic's site seems to have disappeared. I hope he's still making them as I really want a Cro-2 system. This thing is fun!
Crows + Euro = great.

Last part of this is synched with a euro LFO:

Hey nrdvrgr, are you using special cables to interface the two? Is it mostly one way? As in the Euro modulating the Cro?

Also, can you tell me how to connect 2 Cro-1s together? I got 2 but the manual is a little weird and it has chaining abilities and a jack and pin in the midlle/top but I don't really know what that's gonna do or the benefit of doing it versus just making direct connections.
Also, I read that it can process external audio, is that true?

Sorry to lay all that on you but you are the only person I know that uses these. plus, it's pretty much your fault that I want them in the first place!
Thank you!
I just clamp the crocs onto the tips of the cables... not very sexy, but it works great.

Connecting two CRO-1? You need to ground them, so just take a short cable between any of the two inputs to the left or right. See my video - I am talking about the small cables shaped like "U" that bridges them... get it?
Some CV interaction will not work so good if they are not grounded to each other.
Awesome, thanks! One of them is set up with 1/8" jacks and the other I 1/4", so I need to go get a cable or adapter.

- b
Thanks for reply, I'm going to try connecting CRO-1 + 2 to my friend's euro soon. I also plan on getting some euro setup sometime, so this possibility is promising.
Hey nrdvrgr, can you upload a photo or something on how I connect 2 of these? The instructions are weird and I'm not sure I'm doing it right.
If you can or have time. If not, don't sweat it.
Not at home for a while... but what do you not understand? You can´t do it wrong wink

If you are in a rush, take pic and I´ll tell you if you are doing it right (post here or PM)

Noise on!
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