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wave splicing: patch
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Author wave splicing: patch
after checking rewire's demo out of the planB wave splicer and reading the module description again, i started thinking how to create a wave splicing patch without a wave splicer. after coming up with a few more complicated patches, i realized its as simple as:

two oscillators
one vc switch

so the splicing is happening at oscillator A frequency.
changing the pulse width of A changes the splice point.
modulating the PW on the A oscillator gives the VC of the splice.
the m15 is good for this because its PW goes to zero on both sides, i.e. you can have all A or all B.
setting the oscillator frequencies differently can give very dramatic results.
(really, you can do this patch with any oscillator and switch.)
here's the patch i built last night:

cool. that's one thing people should always keep in mind with modulars. while you can get specific modules for specific tasks there's always high possibility you can get it done with some good patching knowledge.
Tres cool! Just proves one more time that a lot of the "innovation" in the scene is actually a repurposing of older techniques.

Quick questions

1) Is it at all interesting when both A/B waveforms are coming from the same osc - In other words: sine+tri mixed with the pwm, all coming from the same module?

2)Will there be audio samples?` hyper

It might also be cool to try with a voltage controlled crossfade/pan module, like the A-134-2 - that way you can even do smooth crossfades within the wave cycle.
Hmm was just thinking how one would do this in Frac... I don't own one but can anyone try this patch/technique with the Blacet Scanner?
1. its marginally interesting to listen to waveforms mixed from one oscillator IMO, unless its an oscillator with different interesting outputs.

2. sure ill fire up the recorder and make some samples. this would be useful to compare against somebody with a plan b splicer module.
This technique was mentioned in another thread. It appears that the Wave Splicer does it slightly differently. More morphing than splicing, I'd say.
MrDys wrote:
This technique was mentioned in another thread. It appears that the Wave Splicer does it slightly differently. More morphing than splicing, I'd say.

silly me. i never followed up on that thread.
its interesting to see those scope shots.
This is how I had been doing "splicing" sounds before, in fact that very example is in the Doepfer manual for the VCS (although using a single OSC).

But in ReWire's thread, it was pretty clear that the ELF Wave Splicer does the job quite a bit better, and it's a lot smoother when using two oscillators. The VCS can sound cool sometimes doing that, but not all the time...IMO.
here's a sin and triangle wave.

and heres a saw and square, through a wasp filter.
Whoa, that sounds bad ass. Ok, I need to try it with two oscillators!
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