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Cleaning a Moog Rogue (and any other tips)
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Author Cleaning a Moog Rogue (and any other tips)
Final decided it was time to crack open my Moog Rogue that I've had about a year from ebay.

My plan is to retrofit it with a midijack from synhouse.

As I expected (having done some reading) when I opened up the case the board, pots and switches are all coated in a wonder oily stick decaying foam (thanks 1981 !).

What's the easiest way to get this stuff off without trashing anything?

Whilst I'm in here does anyone have any other tips for things I should look at.

I was getting a weird thing where some functions would stop unless you applied downward pressure to the 1/4" plug in the socket, or pulled up on the power. So once it's clean I'll go through an double check all the solders and make sure nothing funky is going on.

Should I clean the pots? Replace them? Any other mods I can do to this?

Any tips or pointed greatly appreciated. grin
First........give the circuit board a bath.

Second, if the keys sound clacky when you play it, or if the keys are uneven, some being higer or lower than the other keys, then you need to replace the Pratt-Read keyboard's bushings.

You can get them here. You can also find them on ebay cheaper, but know that those often do not come pre-lubricated and it takes a special lube that's kind of expensive. So, unless you have a few other keyboards to do bushings on, it's cheaper in the long run to get the pre-lubed ones. Of course with MIDI added, you might not want to be playing the keyboard anyway, so this might not matter so much.

Cleaning pots? That's kind of iffy. I've seen it done on a Minimoog and it only lasted for a year or so and then they were scratchy again. Changing the pots, though, is expensive and a pain.
Cool, thanks. The keys are actually not bad at all in terms of height, I could do with finding a replacement C as it seems to have a mark on it that won't come off, but it's purely cosmetic.

The inside is actually surprisingly clean, so i think a bath might be overkill (though I'll keep that in mind).

The main nastyness is this foam, you touch it and it collapses into what looks like crude oil, sticky black greasy gunk. I might try using "goo be gone" or "gunk off" or whatever those things are called, just very carefully.
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