My tentative idea for a DIY Eurorack cabinet

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My tentative idea for a DIY Eurorack cabinet

Post by moogyboy » Sun Mar 21, 2010 11:35 am

hey all

I think I have a plan now for a homemade cabinet, which will hopefully get me on my way to starting my long-awaited Eurorack synth system. The details are a little rough, so feel free to chime in with any ideas, concerns, etc.

The basic idea comes from Roger Arrick's instructions for a DIY cabinet on the website--basically, construct the cabinet from Rubbermaid shelving boards, wooden trim stock for the mounting rails, and L-brackets to stick the panels together. It seems like unless the rails need to carry a ground path or something, I can avoid having to locate proper (and expensive) metal rails, and even if they do I could probably use metal tape or aluminum foil to gave the wooden rails a conductive surface.

I had the thought to make the top and bottom different depths and cut the side panels to make an angled front. It'd actually be kind of funky to have slanted woodgrain the side panels. :-) I don't know the best way to attach the rails in a situation like that, though, not to mention having to leave some clearance on the bottom. Also, my plan is for two rows of modules, so I need to figure out a good way to attach the center rail(s).

Seems like most of my question marks revolve around the rails, the measurements for them and what's the best way to attach them.

As for power supply, I don't think I should have too much trouble there: an HBB15 1.5 amp unit (seem to be pretty cheap to buy), a power inlet with a built in fuse and switch, a terminal block, and two of Monorocket's distribution boards. 15 Doepfer style connections + 8 ASys (which I suppose can be turned into Doepfer ones with those adapter cables) shoud be enough for each row, wouldn't you think? Maybe I ought to put three boards in there just in case, or leave room for a third one...

Which brings me to dimensions: I thought I'd stick to standard lengths of shelving boards, so I chose 24", which I roughly figured out to about 122 HP per row (accounting for the thickness of the end panels). Two rows of 122 HP gives me 244 HP, which is just shy of what a 3 x 84 HP cabinet would provide. Top panel=8" depth, bottom panel=10". Overall height~10.5". If I decide that an angle front is too much trouble, do you think I should go with 8" or 10" overall depth? I'm guessing 8" should be plenty.

Okay, so that's my rough concept; I await your feedback. Thanks!


Billy S.

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