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My Buchla experience
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Author My Buchla experience
So I have just returned from Mr Ed-Dead's castle and had two hours with his Buchla 200e. I am still reeling. I was concerned that the myth would not live up to the reality but I was really pleasantly surprised.

Firstly, it is so musical and although each module is incredibly dense it seems like the learning curve is not so deep. Mr Ex-Dead was still waiting on a few modules so I concentrated on patching what I could afford (If I sold my euro)


With just these 4 I was blown away, seems so much possibility. The pendulum ratchet is a blast as well. Did not get to deep into the Triple Morphing Filter.

I feel that the Buchla is now de-mystified and secretly hoped that I would not like it. This is not the case. It's approach to unconventional sound making is what I have dreamed of for years (I had never heard of Buchla until I moved to Canada 3 years ago although have been around synths all my life).

The digital/analog/hybrid approach in the Buchla is amazing. Did not even try the midi module and there was only 1 x 259 in the system I used.

I could see myself just with a small Buchla system and my MAC running Ableton/max and nothing else. Now to decide if I sell all my euro and perhaps my Voyager to fund one of these babies.
Congratulations. Your username is misleading, I really wish you did live in the UK. Serge seems to be gradually taking a hold here, but to my knowledge, the Buchla invasion still beckons.... I am planning an order myself, but not while the dollar to sterling exchange is the way it is right now..

edit: tongue in cheeck about the username reference, of course hihi
Yeah, I used to live in the UK but moved to Canada 3 years ago. But expect to see a lot of Euro for sale here soon!.
Lucky you, I hope to visit Canada one day. I have however heard that it is a lot colder. Anyway, back to the matter at hand, good luck with the Buchla venture!
Hey, Vancouver is pretty warm. Just rains a lot.
I love Vancouver! so weather is perfect for me never too hot never too cold!

and now lots of buchla systems hahahha
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