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Wiard module power/Blacet ps500
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Author Wiard module power/Blacet ps500
Roycie Roller
Today i got a ps500 & EG1, and i just want to make sure, before i hook up the Noise Ring, that everything is set up right. The EG1 power cord has neg, pos, gnd & 1 more (gnd 2?)-for the 4-pin connector. The Wiard has 3 (pos, neg, gnd). Is it okay just to go ahead & not worry about the 4th pin? I powered up the eg1- that works fine. Just curious about the Noise Ring. Thanks!
Yeah, you're good. The extra on the EG1 is another ground line. Since Blacet and Wiard and the PS500 all use the keyed plugs, just hook it together, you can't screw it up.

Uh, that is, unless you plug it in blind and miss one of the pins or something. [ahem, cough]. And even if you do that, you aren't likely to smoke a module, because both Grant and John Blacet are very good with protecting their modules from this kind of short.
Roycie Roller
Thanks! Ok, this will be fun. I only have these two modules (& a Tyme Sefari, which i'm sorting out power for), but i should be able to create a bit of mayhem with my old Roland sh-1000.
Muff Wiggler
plord wrote:
Uh, that is, unless you plug it in blind and miss one of the pins or something. [ahem, cough].

hihi i did that too oops

but, as long as your system is properly grounded, it shouldn't be a problem - the power you end up getting in the ground bus from the mis-aligned connection, should just travel straight to ground - that's what happend to me, none of the modules connected to that PSU powered up, because the power ran off to ground before reaching them.

so in a case like this, you wouldn't have to worry about hurting your modules. but if you flip around the connector and then plug it in, you end up sending +15v into the negative input of the module, and -15v into the positive. from what I understand, this can be catastrophic to the module. As plord mentioned, all of Blacet and Wiard's modules have a built-in protection against this. Over-voltage is the other possible 'bad power' thing you could do (but in your case it is not a concern) and again John and Grant have built in protection, so yay John & Grant SlayerBadger!
Roycie Roller
Holy freakin' flamin' cow manure!!!!
With just 3 modules- Noise Ring, EG1, Moog analog delay, i have been able to get everything from 'Forbidden Planet'-esque soundscapes, to the sickest, heaviest, just-above-the-point-where-the-clock-goes-into-audio-rate basslines on Earth!
Kwote, tragedy, and anyone else waiting- get your order in NOW! The NR is a world of sound & modulation all in itself.
It sounds incredible, and i've barely started with it. I can't wait to get the Tyme Sefari up & running & into the equation.
I have been listening to it rumbling, spitting & hissing for an hour- perfect drone music!
I'll post audio when i get a chance.
and yours is just the six jack version SlayerBadger!
Roycie Roller
Yay! I'm happy! Are the 8 jack ones newer? I'll have a look. What i like about these modules, and there was the thread on the wiardgroup about it, that they are basically electroniums- or, standalone instruments. I think the 311 is the only one that can't make a sound (i could be wrong). So once you start linking modules, their voices expand exponentially.
Oh, i forgot, the NR can clock a continuos note & break it up into plucky, random notes, kind of like a broken sequencer. It's a lot of fun!
yeah. the 311 is basically just routing voltages to their respective destinations so i don't think i could get it to self oscillate or anything.

but yeah. i finally got to hear the Noise Ring's white noise out completely untouched and it was so lovely. real smooth. not harsh at all. i would've never guessed it.
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