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Cocoquantus Patch's
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Author Cocoquantus Patch's
The Grump
It seems to like it well enough. I'm finding all kinds of neat, unintended sounds through squishing and sampling the cocos back and forth. Licking my fingertips seems to make a large difference, as my skin tends to be rather dry.

However, my piezo input seems very quiet and very strange artifacts come out of the audio output when I send audio to either of the coco inputs. Is this "normal? The FM inputs send awesome stuff to the skip and flip, and when I gently add a bit of the output to the the skip and flip, really cool things that border on granular sounds come alive/apart. Add a bit of triangle and look out! I'll record some examples when I can get it a little more under control.
The Grump
This is a pretty crazy one I cooked up this morning. It's combination of cabling and contacts points, and it will make CRAZY sounds.

Check out the Family Jams thread to hear what came out of it.
The Grump
Here's a fun one for processing external audio, in this case drum grooves. IN the XLR input, I'm feeding a blip of sound, maybe a few samples long at 16/44 just to switch the Quantussy, and get the Skips to time correctly. The beat comes in the piezo in to feed the left Coco, though you could just as easily feed it in the normal ins and use the piezo for another modulation source. I've also been using a cool little home made piezo contact mic with that input to good effect as well. Enjoy!!

Edit: BTW, if you are doing the squishing thing, as I do, you can also get some really fun stuff by tapping the skips, especially when bridging from one of the Tri or Castles. The pulse into the XLR into the skips keeps everything in time, but by grounding or bridging the Skip as well, you pull all kinds of strangeness from the buffer back into the world.
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