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ASys RS60 as an oscillator
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Author ASys RS60 as an oscillator
I thought I'd post this for fun. I realized that ASys RS60 env generator is actually fast enough for some nice audio rate action (it has EMS-style repeats which already makes it a nice LFO). There's even VC for the decay stage, so you can control the pitch somehow.

The low drone sound is AFG thru lowpass gate (cutoff modulated by a LFO)... The higher pitched sound is RS60 with some glitchy VC by LFO and some more coarse control by tweaking knobs. Everything through judicious amounts of tape echo as usual.
Excellent sounds! I have an RS60 on its way to me as part of the modular setup I've ordered. Can't wait to start playing!!
WOW, that is lovely.
Apemandan, You're probably going to be really happy with yours - I still find new nice ways to (ab)use it, beside the fact that it's a really nice standard envelope & LFO.

The sound reminds me a tiny bit of clips people have posted with VCS as VCO (might make sense, since both are AR and kind of triangle'ish when used as oscs). Only VCS should be infinitely more useful as an osc since it has something resembling a V/oct input - RS60 seems to be much harder to VC since it's something like 0 to +10V from minimum to maximum decay time.

There's actually quite a bit color from tape echo (due to saturation, flutter, etc.), I guess I should post a "dry" example at some point.
Cool, I think i might have located a VCS also, so i'll be able to compare..! wink
SlayerBadger! love it!

doesn't sound pretty but you can also clock the doepfer quad asdr into audio rate too, and even setup as self trigger (which basically makes any of the 4 an lfo) will give you low frequency audible range.
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