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The Elusive 6th Module in my starter system
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Author The Elusive 6th Module in my starter system
Okay, I think this should be my final question so thank you for your patience.

My starter order will be for

6 U boat
261e Complex Waveform Generator
266e Source of Uncertainty
281e Quad Function Generator
292e Quad Dynamics Manager

My question is a multi-question one. I am thinking as a sixth module either the Triple Morphing Filter or The Midi/Preset interface (or another suggestion).

In a small starter system such as this what 6th module would be best bank for the buck in functionality. I have a couple of Kenton Pro II's that track 1.2 so that coupld be a temperary solution? but would obviously not give me many of the features the the mid/preset has. I had a chance to play with Ex-Dead's Triple Morphing filter but did not really get a chance to fully figure it out.

My final question is should I just not get a 6th Modules and put the cash (My 6th Module budget is $1500) towards a 12 panel case.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

The MIDI module is the best MIDI/CV device I have ever used; but if you have the Kenton you will be OK for the minute.

The 291e is very cool; but takes a little while to get into, and is probably the most challenging Buchla module to master.

I would purchase the 12 panel case; they are really nicely built and you will be happy you did! thumbs up
That vocalizing effect I have heard on the 291 is very appealing (I forget the terminology). From a challance perspective that is exactly what I want.
Looks like a nice system.
I potoshoped it for you. thumbs up
As I will order myself in a few weeks keep the questions coming.

citizen mori
I recommend the 201e/12 cabinet route! A clever thought it is, to leave yourself some breathing room for growth, enjoying the lovely cabinetry which Don has designed!
Triple Morphing Filter. The name alone entices eek!
abendrot wrote:
I potoshoped it for you.

I would swap the position of the Pendulum/Ratchet and the Source of Uncertainty. The P/R cv input jacks are all a shorting bar away from one SOU flavor or another.
Hi Abendrot,

Thank you for the photoshopping!. Once my paypal hits my account and all modules are delivered I will be sending a cheque to Mr Buchla (and Mr Muir).

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