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Happy new year to everyone! Thanks for being part of this place, every year you all get cooler and cooler. Apologies to everyone waiting on me for PMs, emails, subforum creation, etc. The holidays have been super busy! I'll be catching up over the next week, please hit me up again at that point if I haven't gotten back to you yet. Sorry for the delay. Thanks! <3

Spill the beans
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Author Spill the beans
T. Jervell
This sounds really nice Tom, care to share? cool
Just something I'm working on (along with several other bits as always.. too many pots on the stove) - can't imagine it being out before next year even though most of it already seems about right - quite a big project...
T. Jervell
Nice, I guess I'll have to start saving then... hihi
Looking forward..
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