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FH1 - How do you use the smoothing feature?
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Author FH1 - How do you use the smoothing feature?
Hi Os,
I can't sort out how to use the smoothing feature. I'm using it with a Linnstrument, transmitting on midi channel 1 and sending a CC of 3 (via linnstrument's Z sensor). which is opening and closing my VCA. It works like a charm but I'm getting some bad crackling in the beginning which I'm sure would be taken care of with the smoothing. I just don't get how to use it.

Thank you for your help!!!
I updated the MIDI chart:

You just set CCs 64-71 with the desired amount of smoothing for each output. If it's not convenient to do that directly from the Linnstrument, use a MIDI controller or computer to do it, and save the smoothing settings as a preset on the FH-1.
totally got it!! Thank you Os It's peanut butter jelly time!
I have the same problem. Also with Linnstrument which I am trying to use with VCA

What I am seeing through the oscilloscope is a sine wave running at all times.

How did you fix? Can you be specific.

Am finding the scripting instructions to be extremely difficult to understand. Is there a guide somewhere with examples? (I mean more than just the manual which is what I am having problems with)
Sounds like you've enabled an LFO somehow.

You don't have to use scripting for this. Just send the appropriate CCs as mentioned above.
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